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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Heartbreak When A Neighbor Looses A Child

Last Friday as we were coming home from an out of town trip, I was searching my phone for any news on a potential wildfire we saw when we crested the top of a mountain on our way back up to Flagstaff from Phoenix. In the distance we saw heavy smoke and knew the location was the Flagstaff area. My initial thought was to search the news about any reported wildfires. We live in a heavily forested area and wildfires are as much a concern to us as tornadoes are to those that live in tornado alley. There was one report of a fire in a business area and I thought the fire just looked way too big to be that. I scanned down on the page to see that there was a report of an infant not breathing. Of course I thought that was sad, but didn't think much of it until we arrived home to see the police on our street. Not connecting the two, we unpacked the car and settled in for the evening.

Scott was reading the news and came to the story of the infant who stopped breathing only to discover that was our neighbor's baby.

I simply cannot fathom what it is like to loose your infant child, or a child at all. I hope I never ever have to know what that feels like. Our hearts are breaking for this family. We had been over to trick or treat with our boys in October and knew the couple loved sitting on their porch swing in the evenings. They seemed very nice. Scott and the father exchanged a brief conversation once about their love of the Green Bay Packers and I've seen the mom load the baby up in the car on several occasions as I rock my little one to sleep from his bedroom window in the afternoons. The baby was about four months old and did have respiratory problems but SIDS is what took his life and any parent that has to go through this unbearable event, has my deepest sympathies. We have donated to their memorial fund for their child and yesterday they had the funeral and I just can't imagine having to say goodbye to your baby that you have so many hopes and dreams for.

Please if you have the ability I'd love for you to donate or at least share and help Baby Colt's parents out with any expenses that they may have from this horrible tragedy. I know they probably have some medical bills to pay, for his emergency care when they called 911.

My heart goes out to any parent who has had to say goodbye to their child.

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MOHTH On Going Giveaway Linky, Updated!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Week's Awesome Deals And Savings!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Around The World With Kids (and Loving It) - Caribbean Cruises

When contemporary cruise holidays first became popular, helped partly by 1970s television shows like ‘Love Boat’ (we all remember that show, don't we?) they were considered luxury, romantic holidays for the very wealthy. That’s all changed now. No longer are voyages and paradise destinations, such as Caribbean holidays, an option for just the wealthy. Lucky for us, they're much more affordable and we can hop aboard with the kids in tow, rather than leave them with Grandma and Grandpa (as much they like that!).

image source:

Making it affordable

With the growth in the cruise trade came an increase in the number of interested passengers, helping to bring the overall cost of a cruise vacation down. There are other tricks to grabbing yourself and the rest of the family a deal as well, such as booking either very early or very late.

Early bird specials, which generally mean booking your cruise six to twelve months in advance, can get you up to as much as a 50% decrease in price if you're in the right (cyber!) place at the right time. So, it pays to plan ahead! Get that trip on the calendar and start counting down the days to departure.

If you have a flexible schedule and don’t mind what type of cabin you stay in, it also pays to wait. Booking last minute can lead to incredible deals (sometimes you can bag a week in the Caribbean for less than $500!), as cruise lines want to ensure the boat is full, or at least nearly full.

Staying entertained

You can find cruise ships and itineraries perfect for you, the kids, your parents and anyone else under the sun (no pun intended!) these days. There are cruise holidays designed for couples, families, those who enjoy more of a party atmosphere and those who just want to relax. Actually, booking a cruise can be overwhelming at times because there really is just that much choice!

Activities on board can range from zip lining to shooting hoops on a full-size basketball court to getting a facial at the spa. You can even find cruise ships fitted with an ice rink - a sure way to keep the kids cool after so much time in the hot Caribbean sun! Never a shortage of activities, a cruise holiday makes the dreaded words “Mommy, I'm bored!” history (at least until the end of the cruise!)

Being in the thick of it

The fun continues off the boat in the various ports the ship stops in. Caribbean cruises alone can take you to some of the most beautiful and interesting destinations in the world. You can spend the day in places such as Nassau, Bahamas; St. Johns, Antigua or San Juan, Puerto Rico, for example.

There are simply loads of things you can do while you're on a cruise. You can jump on a Jeep safari or stroll through a local market. If you simply can’t get enough of the sea, you can swim with the sea life. Cruises can give you a taste — often quite literally! — of the local culture of several different cities and nations. Adventure around every corner, it’s an experience you and the kids will never forget.

So, consider a cruise for an affordable, adventurous family trip!

Guest Author:  Travel Expert and Writer, Samantha Young

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Amazing Comfort Sweepstakes

Welcome to the

Spring Amazing Comfort Sweepstakes

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Did you know that 1 in every 4 Americans experiences chronic back pain? With many of us now spending our days sitting at a computer, even more of us are suffering from back pain, leading many of us to spend hundreds of dollars a year on pain relief products. Most of these products are built on a one-size-fits-all model and don't deal with the overall issue - supporting the lower back. To properly deal with pain and relieve muscle fatigue, you need a product that contours to and supports the lower back. Luckily, there is a product on the market that does just that - the QiPillow!

What is so unique about this pillow? Unlike other orthopedic pillows, the QiPillow contours to the lower back using its own unique air-controlled orthopedic core. By inflating and deflating the pillow, it can adjust to the contours of your back, and lessen or eliminate muscle fatigue and back pain. Since it can be completely deflated, it can easily be folded and thrown in a bag, allowing you to use it at home, in the office, or even while driving. The QiPillow had great results in independent clinical studies, which showed that the QiPillow helped 91% of users improve sitting comfort and posture while relieving back pain, stiffness, and fatigue. With the QiPillow, you can take control of your back pain, allowing you to relax and enjoy the things you love!

Would you love to learn more about the QiPillow? Due to popular demand, the QiPillow is coming back to QVC on April 15! Join host Jaque Gonzales and the inventor of the Qipillow, Patrick Lee, as they discuss this revolutionary pillow and how it can help you. You may even find this pillow even cheaper than its recommended price of $49.95! So mark your calendar and make sure to check out the QiPillow on QVC's Active Aging on April 15 between 1 - 2 PM ET!

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Spring Amazing Comfort Sweepstakes
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Teething Troubles: Thrush Symptoms and How to Help Your Infant Smile Again

Your baby is fussing and crying a lot. It’s painful for baby, but it’s also doing a number on your eardrums. Baby is crying and, while you’re sympathetic, you need to get some sleep. But how? While most parents aren’t grossed out by a lot of things - having seen what ends up in baby’s diaper - one thing that’s often concerning is something called “thrush.”

Thrush is a yeast infection that’s not harmful for baby, but it can irritate baby’s mouth during feeding and it can even be painful. Here’s how to tell if your baby has it and what you can do about it.

The Location Of The Suspected Thrush

According to New York Family & Pediatric Dental Care, thrush can be located in one of several places. It’s usually visible on the inside of the cheeks, lips, and on the gums. It can even take hold on the tongue. If your baby has it, it will usually spread to at least three different places inside the mouth. A thin coating on the tongue might only be milk, so don’t freak out. However, if it’s a thick coating, and it won’t come off, it’s time to investigate things further.

Does Not Easily Wipe Off

When you cannot use your finger to remove the white film, it’s probably more than just milk. In fact, the yeast infection is so sticky, that it can cause bleeding when removed.

It’s Consistent

Thrush is usually a persistent little bugger - hanging around for weeks on end. If you notice white, milky, patches that come and go, it’s probably not thrush. However, if the patches do not easily wipe away, there’s your first clue.

Associated Symptoms and Causes

If baby is breastfeeding, he is at a higher risk for thrush than normal. Also, if you’re on antibiotics (and you’re the mother), baby has an increased risk for thrush. That’s because antibiotics kill bacteria - both beneficial and harmful. And, the breastfeeding is passing these antibiotics on to baby, disrupting the bacterial ecology in baby’s body. This, in turn, allows pathogenic bacteria or yeasts to take hold.

How To Treat Thrush

Thankfully, thrush can be easily treated. You have a few options. If you prefer more natural approaches, you can try acidophilus. This friendly bacteria lives in your mouth and intestines. By giving it to baby, you help fight the infection - the bacteria can start to overwhelm and push out the yeast.

You can also try using Nystatin. It’s a prescription anti-fungal liquid that you squirt or paint with a q-tip in baby’s mouth. The solution kills the yeast infection in about 5 days.

Finally, don’t forget to clean everything that goes into baby’s mouth. Toys, bottles, and other things that baby regularly chews or sucks on may become contaminated with the yeast, unknowingly. To clean bottle nipples or pacifiers, boil them for 20 minutes every day. This will eradicate the yeast living on them. Wash toys in hot, soapy, water. Oh, and don’t forget to treat mom’s nipples. Clean them with either white vinegar or Nystatin after each nursing.

About The AuthorRobert Ander recently retired after decades as a pediatric dentist. With passion for healthy smiles, he enjoys blogging about great oral hygiene for all ages.

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Tutu A Plush Bunny Powered by Your iPod or iPhone!

In today's world toys are driven by technology. Many kids have access to devices, and those devices should have age appropriate, preferably educational apps. My two year old plays with an app that teaches him to rap the alphabet. It's pretty darn cute and I'd love to tell you that I was the one that taught him the ABC's but it was the app. So if my kids are going to play with technology, I want them to learn from the experience.

I love reviewing toys for my kiddos and was excited to be able to review this cute plush bunny powered by your IOS software! When I received Tutu in the mail, I was happy to see the user-friendly the packaging. The box tells you exactly what apple devices it works with.

Tutu is a cute plush bunny that your iPod or iPhone zips into. Tutu uses magic touch software and comes with an apple, carrot, milk, toothbrush and a ring that works with the app.  Additionally, Tutu is more interactive than your traditional toy. When Tutu is feeling tired, you can rock her to sleep, or when Tutu needs her teeth brushed, she'll tell you! Teeth brushing can be a struggle in a lot of families, so I like that that toy encourages good brushing. Another one of Tutu's great features is that she is specifically designed to help nurture your child's softer side and can teach your child how to console and take care of others. Tutu will tell you when she's hungry, thirsty or sleepy. Tutu takes every day play, to the next level.

In addition to taking care of Tutu, children can play games on Tutu. One engaging game is matching pictures. Matching pictures is important for a child's cognitive development. Being able to put together puzzles and match up two sides of a picture helps aid in reading and writing.

Another game is counting all the fruit of one kind. It helps kids with their motor skills as well as mathematics. As kids progress in the game and get better, it is timed to see how many falling fruit they can count before the timer ends.

Another game is kind of like a "Simon Says" game. You have to hit the same sequence of tiles highlighted, once you hit the entire sequence, it will play a song.

The fourth game is fun even for adults! You have to squeeze nectar out of a flower and it shoots up to the bee's honey pots. Once their pots have filled up, you have very happy bees! When a child gets better at this game, other obstacles are thrown in, like dodging hungry hummingbirds or dragon flies that also want the nectar. These games were definitely interesting for my son, and I'm glad Tutu comes with the option to play them.

You can learn more about Tutu Here:

J Myster especially liked all the accessories that came with Tutu!

He loved that you could feed her and even brush her teeth!

We are excited for the makers to come out with Didi, a plush teddy bear just like Tutu. My son's first reaction to Tutu was, "Is that for girls?" but after I encouraged  him to give Tutu a try, he had fun playing games on Tutu and feeding her.

Tutu is a great accessory to the smartphone or an ipod that your child uses to play games on, and I love that your device can be safely displayed and used in a soft plush bunny suitable for active little children.

Photobucket Author: Heather Wife, Mother of Two Boys, Coffee Addict, Pinterest obsessed, an aspiring writer balancing every day life of raising a family and blogging about it. If you like what you just read, consider casting a one click vote

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Glad to Be Back Home!

We just got back on Friday from a week long conference my husband had to attend. I thought it would be fun to get away from home with our 5 and 2 year old, but I tell you I think I need a vacation from this trip because it was quite hard entertaining two little ones in a city like Phoenix where you can't really take them outside for too long without them overheating, and anything indoors costs money.

The idea was to just tag along with Hunky Hubs for a change of scenery.

And that we got.

One of the rare quiet moments with the kids at the hotel. 

Since Scott's work put us very close to the airport, we spent much time watching planes land with the boys.
We did hit a mall play area so I could chit chat with a friend one afternoon and spent $4 bucks on an indoor carousel that had my 2 year old beaming from ear to ear. We spent a morning at the hotel pool, but we couldn't spend too much money as we are saving up a lot of change for our DisneyLand trip we plan on taking before JJ starts school.

Mr. B on a carousel. First time ever! He was so happy!

Play area!

Hotel pool.

I thought we might attend the Phoenix zoo, but felt bad doing so without daddy there to see Mr. B's first experience. But we did enjoy a wonderful dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and I'm so grateful for the atmosphere. The kids were intrigued with the spontaneous thunderstorms and mechanical wildlife in the trees. The entertainment helped give us a little bit longer to eat. So needless to say, it was hard with two small energetic kids with very small attention spans. All the technology in the world like ipads, ipods and smartphones didn't really appease my very active kids! 

The Rainforest Cafe. The kids loved the mechanical elephants. JJ thought they were real at first. 

The pretty starlit ceiling. 

They had giant salt water aquariums everywhere and Mr. B loved watching the huge fish.

Friday afternoon I was so glad when Hunky Hubs texted me to come back to the hotel to pick him up. We had hung out at a Target for two hours going very slowly down each aisle, and then ate in their food area.  We were on our way to a park when it was 96 out when Hunky Hubs said he was finally done! 

During the ride back North, the kids enjoyed watching Frozen for the third time, and I'm so glad we got our new SUV before our trip to Disneyland because they were entertained the whole time with the rear entertainment center. It will make traveling in the future so much better. 

So we are home now! 

In the comfort of our own home!

I don't have to worry about screaming boys running down the halls of the hotel wanting to hit the elevator buttons and trying oh so hard to keep them quiet.

We are home!

Home is where the heart is. I really believe that now!

Mr. B playing in his own back yard. 

A yoga ball is the perfect backyard toy!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

How To Make A Ribbon Wreath

Courtesy: Pinterest
A ribbon wreath provides you a chance to work on a simple craft that is easy enough for children to help you with. There is no real wrong way about making a ribbon wreath because the wreath is based on your own creativity and personal preferences. However, here are some tips to follow to have your very own beautiful creation finished in no time.

Gather Supplies

For your ribbon wreath, you will need a basic wreath form available at craft stores, such as a Styrofoam wreath. The ribbon you need is based on your personal preference, but burlap, deco poly mesh, and chevron ribbon work well. For example, you may prefer to make a holiday wreath out of Christmas ribbon. You may prefer a more modern ombre wreath. Ruffled felt provides a textural interest in the piece. Some crafters prefer to use a base ribbon to hide the Styrofoam, such as a white satin ribbon. Whatever ribbon you decide to use, try to keep the width at one inch or less. You need about seven spools of ribbon for a 12-inch wreath. You will also need scissors to cut the ribbon, straight pins and any embellishments you want to add.

Begin Prep Work

Cover the wreath with your base color, if you prefer. Do this by wrapping the ribbon around the wreath at a 45-degree angle, covering about half of the previous rotation with the new rotation until the wreath is fully covered by the ribbon. Stick straight pins into the ribbon where the ribbon started and ended. Cut the ribbon that you plan to use to color the wreath into pieces of about seven to eight inches in length. You probably want to work with several different colors that coordinate together.

Roll Your Ribbon

Take each piece of ribbon that you have cut and roll them into small circles. Stick a straight pin through the middle of each piece of ribbon. If you have craft buddies or older children, this is the perfect opportunity to get help while you talk about your projects.

Add Embellishments
If you are adding anything to the ribbon directly, do this now. For example, you may want to use spray glitter or spray snow to work with a particular theme or color pallet.

Place the Ribbon

Stick each piece of ribbon onto the wreath by pushing the pins into the Styrofoam. Start at the top of the wreath and begin creating a pattern with your ribbon. You may want one color, followed by a second color, followed by a third color. Then, repeat. Alternatively, you may wish `to fill one whole section with one color, such as purple on the top right hand corner and blue on the bottom right hand corner.

Add Embellishments (Again)

If you want to add anything on top of the wreath, now is the time for that. You may want to glue down wooden letters with your child’s name or a holiday quote. Flowers, feathers or beads are other options to snazz up the design and really make it pop.

If you want to add a decorative middle, using ribbon or fold over elastic helps give a stylish look to small details. Simply hang across the back of the wreath line a clothesline and add whatever you want in the middle.
Check that none of the pins were pinned in at an angle and exposed to the outside of the wreath. If you used a hot glue gun or other glue on the wreath to add your embellishments, check for any dried glue that is exposed at the surface or "spider webs." Remove them. If you notice any open areas, repeat the steps so that you cover it with ribbon of the appropriate pattern.
Image credit: Pinterest

This contribution comes from The Ribbon Retreat, an arts and craft store that offers many types of ribbons and fabric for large and small craft projects alike.

This contribution comes from The Ribbon Retreat, an arts and crafts store that offers many types of ribbons and fabric for large and small craft projects alike.