Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Social Share Tuesday!

Every Tuesday we will have this Meme to help people share their "Specific" blog posts on social networks like Friend Feed, Stumbleupon, Digg etc. You can share a blog post from a year ago, one from yesterday, or one from last week, it doesn't really matter. At this point I am looking for a co-host for this meme, but essentially everyone can be a co-host. Just copy this text and the linky code and put it in a blog post on your blog.

Using the wonderful sexy bookmarks widget at the bottom of this page, please socially share this meme. The rules are very easy for a chance for everyone to get "shared" multiple times.


Social Share Me!

1. Grab the button and put it on your blog.
2. Add your link(s)
3. Share the previous three entries on the linky (This ensures everyone gets shared multiple times) The linky randomizes the entries, so the last person that signs up doesn't necessarily mean they will not get shared.
4. Leave the person a comment on their post telling them where you shared them weather its via twitter, Friendfeed, Stumbleupon etc.

This meme lasts all week. So Come back every Tuesday if you like, or anytime during the week!

Don't keep this linky a secret, share it:
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migomigo0215 said...

Thanks for the link up

Christy Lee said...

New follower through Tailspin Hop. I copied your little linky and put it on my blog! Love these things. Great way to share! I love your blog too. Looking forward to reading more!

Nan @ Playful Decor said...

Hi Heather, this is a great idea! Tahnk you for your comments on my post. about kindergarten. I'm really hoping I'm just blowing things out of proportion, but it does help to vent it and get feedback. I'll be reading more of your blog!

Bexclusive Magazine said...

Great idea!!!

ciao ciao from Rome


Katie @ Craft Spotter said...

Thanks for hosting, I love this idea! I'd love to co-host with you.

Heather from MOHTH said...

Really? I will email you. I sort of forgot about it today, but lets plan on Co-Hosting together next tuesday ok? Let me know if that would be a problem or not.

Lighttraveler said...

Thanks for hosting! I added you to my More Than A Blog Hop Directory.
Quick Tattletails More Than A Blog Hop Directory

IshaShiri said...

Very cool your idea!

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