Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My love hate relationship with the garbage truck.

Look Garbage truck, I love you because you come pick up my garbage for me once a week, you take it to the landfill where I don't have to see it. I really really do appreciate you. (Yes I know there is a man running the garbage truck) but my issue is not with him. Its with the truck. I know it takes a lot of power to haul that garbage around...but every time you turn down my street with that loud engine of yours during my child's nap time with his window cracked open for a fresh breeze, I hold my breath hoping and praying you don't wake him up.

Sure it would be great if my child could sleep through anything, but he's not that kind of baby. Could we coordinate our watches so you come at a different time? Could we do something so that just when I'm sitting down putting spoon to mouth for *my lunch time* that I don't have to set it on the counter, letting it get cold to rock a fussy baby back to sleep? That would be soo nice of you could come in the early morning and pick up my trash. Is this asking too much?

I love you, but I hate you.


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Heather from MOHTH said...

I don't have a problem with that. My husband sleeps with a fan 6 inches from his face, so I don't hear a garbage truck...but I do hear the baby on the baby monitor if the garbage truck were to go by that early and wake him. LOL. Yeah my priorities are in a different place right now...hopefully one day I will have time to want to run instead of being exhausted at the end of the day. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Joanne @ mostlyfitmom said...

Luckily my kids sleep through the noisy garbage pickup, and they're closest to the street, so that's quite the trick. But my problem is when the truck comes by 15-30 min before your alarm goes off. You can't go back to sleep, but aren't ready to get up yet!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And you don't suck for not running - you just have other priorities! Like taking care of your little guy and cleaning out the garage - which is definitely important for your sanity :)

Sporty Mama Says said...

I'd rather there be a "garbage fairy" like the tooth fairy who fluttered in silently and even left a treat or something. Or maybe the driver could simply NOT have that 3rd sense to know when it's the best time to anger SportyMamaSays and gurgle his godforsaken truck up all snuggled with the baby's side of the house? :)

~ Simone

Jessica said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by today! I'm your newest follower and I can completely understand your love/hate relationship with the garbage truck. Luckily ours comes before my youngest goes to bed! Going to add my button to your blogroll :)

Tonya said...

My household produces SO much garbage, especially now that we have a baby and I have a love hate relationship with our garbage men too. Why, oh why do they have to be so dang noisy?!

Elle Jay said...

I hear ya on that!! B was sleeping on the living room floor yesterday & I had the windows open when wouldn't ya know it- the dang garbage truck rolls up and is SOOO loud!!! I was holding my breath the entire time, and he didn't wake up luckily :)

Tomica Bonner said...

Right I hate garbage day! Pick a new time lol.

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Kim Krasowski said...

Thanks so much for visiting on Monday. I'm following you!

DisneyDivaTips said...

I completely understand. Our garbage truck was coming through at 5:30 am and waking up my kids and they won't go back to sleep at that point. Who wants to get up that early with the kids. There is no where to go and the day is soooo long

sherri said...

thanks for the follow. now following you also. cute blog.

Yakini said...

I know what you mean! I get so upset if anything/anyone wakes up my little one once he's gone down for a nap.

BUT my major beef with the garbage truck is how they block the entire street for minutes at a time... and it's almost always when I'm already late for work! LOL!!!

Laura Day said...

My garbage truck is the same way, but I'm usually at work by the time he runs. It's usually on my day off (which is a rare occasion) & I decide to sleep late, that the garbage truck runs.

Following you now. Thanks for visiting!

Erin said...

Our garbage truck comes around 6:00 am which is okay - we put the trash out the night before and hope the racoons don't want a snack that night!

Thanks for your kind comments about my blog. I really appreciate it!

xo Erin

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