Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A Year Ago Today (blog hop)

Welcome to 'Today A Year Ago' Thursday Blog Hop

Lets go down memory lane! Every Thursday, come join us in 'Today A Year Ago'!
It can be something you posted on your blog a year ago, a memory, or even better, a photo taken a year ago!

This was my little man when he learned how to pull himself up on things!! This is shortly after he learned how to sit up, pulling himself up and crawling just came next within a week of each other. We had to put the baby gate up in the kitchen because this new mommy was afraid he'd split his head open. As he got more and more mobile, the gate came down.

So What Happened With You A Year Ago Today?


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Heather from MOHTH said...

I couldn't find your giveaway!! Can you post a link?

Heather from MOHTH said...

Sorry Sofia, Sometimes I forget to add the comment link at the bottom, its always at the top, so I have to manually add a link to comments at the bottom of each post I do. Sometimes I forget. Thats great about J. Our J started walking 4 days shy of 10 mos. Having a 9 month old walker is nerve wracking!! LOL!

Heather from MOHTH said...

Wow!! I remember when my husband went back to work 2 weeks after baby was born. I was overwhelmed. I couldn't imagine if he was over seas. You are a strong mama. Is he back? I hope so!

Alessandra Sophia said...

I am already following you.

Alessandra Sophia said...

Hi! Thanks for the e-mail about the blog hop!

Snsgurl728 said...

Such a cute picture!!

One year ago, we had a two week old!! Hubby was about to leave for training and I was wondering how I was going to do it all myself!

Barbaingalbeth said...

im following u too

Nestygirl said...

Hi There!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I'm already following you, but I wanted to stop by and thank you for your comment :) Have a great day!

Sofia said...

Sheesh, woman!! I always have a hard time finding the comment link!! :P
Oh, that picture of J remind me of my J!! Hehehe...he is a full on walker now (has been for a whole month and he is only 10 m/o!!)
Gotta love the little face trying to take a peak over the gate!!

From PDX with Love

Jessie said...

Hi, cute blog! I am your newest follower from the Thursday Blog Hop! Thanks for stopping by my pages. Have a great weekend :)

Heather from MOHTH said...

Hi Eileen!! I can't wait to hear from you. Hope its good news! :) Did you do a A Year Ago Today Post?

Tiffany said...

How cute is that.. He's like hey let me out. But I know how you feel about busting their heads. I was super crazy once catherine started to move around. I would have bubble wrapped everything if hubby let me.
Tiffany @ Wyatt Family Farm

Weddings By Rheanna said...

super cute! yay for another year ago today post :) come enter my giveaway!

Pretty in Pink Gloss said...

Hey! Its me Eileen from Pretty in Pink Gloss. Time is flying, my son will be two soon. My son has the same little all in one sports toy you have in this pic. He loves the basketball part. Your son is soooooooo cute! I will be checking in with you soon hun.

Patty Perkowski said...

Oh what changes and mysteries a year can bring! As a mommy of four, our little kiddies are much older :), I remember those days of discovery and how they would make me smile with pride at all they were find out with the world

naomi said...

Hi im your newest follower from Tuesday Blog Hop. Come on by and follow back , don't forget to leave a comment :).


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