Sunday, February 20, 2011


This Snowy Day...

Today this is what my world looks like outside. 

 When I was grocery shopping yesterday I took a short little detor over to the lake behind our house to snap these two pictures:
 I love a lake with snow around it. I don't know why.... its just picturesque.....
Cold Ducks! 

So it just seems like a day to stay home. I would normally be scurrying around getting ready for church and brewing some coffee, but I think we'll just stay home today, stay off the roads. I keep seeing the scanner reports of rollovers and car accidents and its not even a monday morning, so it sounds like a good day to chillax around the house in my bath robe and it gives me a chance to catch up on some projects today, such as finally packing away J's old baby clothes from his closet, clean a bathroom, mop some floors, possibly making a changing pad cover and catch up on my blog reading.

What are you doing this Sunday morning?

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Gingermommy said...

We are expecting some crazy snow here today , I am so looking forrward to spring. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about Tim Hortons (he was a hockey player turned coffee shop owner :) The company is very Canadian even though you can find it along the east coast of the US. Tim Hortons is a big community and sports supporter, so thats why you would see it during hockey games :) Tales of a Ranting Ginger

Heather said...

Ah! Makes sense now! :) My husband is a huge LA Kings Fan.

Holly said...

It's so pretty looking at snow out your long as you don't go out in it!

Clairity said...

You're so lucky, those are some cool views.

Hislovingpresence said...

We just got our first snow storm, enjoying being snowed in!!! The pictures are pretty! I love taking pictures with everything covered in white, sparkly, clean snow!

{Sarah beth}

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