Thursday, July 21, 2011


Bikini Bod by June!!

I had a visit from my former work out bud Tiffany today. The gal who would run and walk with me and of course help me indulge at times too in Starbucks coffee dates. We haven't seen each other much this summer. She's a teacher, she's been on vacation, just doing tons of stuff and our goal was to have knock out bods by June of this year so we could feel comfortable in swimsuits.

Well I have to say not only have I not accomplished that goal at all, my flat tummy I wanted to have has become quite the opposite. Yeah, I really have let myself go. ;)

Its now the middle of July and my goals to continue my mad zumba work out routines will simply have to be put off until March of 2012 after I loose the 25 more pounds I'm sure to gain by December when I will undoubtedly look like this again. OMG I was uncomfortable and all baby! And believe it or not that was 8 months pregnant, I still had about 5 weeks to go after that!

I am proud of one thing despite how pregnant I got, I did not get any stretch marks. Hoping for the same thing this time. But I am now half way thru this pregnancy! Thank Gawd! But still it seems like such a long 20 weeks and to think I have 20 more weeks to go....sigh. Oh well Cheers for making it half way!


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Rosann said...

I haven't stopped by to say hello for a while.  Sorry, summer has kept me very busy outside with the kiddos.  But I must say seeing your baby belly makes me remember oh so fondly how beautiful of an experience it is to be pregnant and have the little miracle of life growing inside me.  Makes me wonder if I should rethink this whole "done having kids" idea of mine.  :)  Hope you're feeling well these days. 


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Heather from MOHTH said...

Hi Rosann,  I think a mom always has room in their heart for one more, but I think we will be done with our family at 2 kids. Pregnancy is really rough on me. I can't wait to get back to my coffee and working out days!

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