Friday, July 29, 2011


Over Half Way Done!

I am half baked. Yes I am. But no not the "I had way too much pot and I'm in a puffy magic dragon hangover" kind of way. I'm "half baked" in the I am half way done with this pregnancy, over half way actually and I am thankful. Last Friday we had our anatomy scan of the little bundle of joy growing inside me and we are so pleased baby is doing well and seems healthy.

It seems like just as I turned 20 weeks the little butterflies in my tummy have actually turned into full on nudges and sometimes it feels like a fish is doing a flipflop in there. Its definitely fun to just sit or lie down and take a few minutes to just feel the little one move. Everything seems to be going well so far.

I am a bit hypoglycemic this pregnancy and have to eat tons and tons of protein to not feel like I'm gonna faint, so needless to say my stamina I don't think I will have fully back until the baby is born and I can have my cup of coffee. I wake up every morning dreaming of that cup of rich goodness. I will be buying a little creamer though this weekend and doing my New England Iced Coffee Review sometime next week though, that will be nice! But I have rarely had caffiene this pregnancy and you would be proud being a nearly 4 cup of coffee a day kind of drinker! :) You know I never knew that coffee "cups" were different than real cups. If you take your measuring cup and pour 4 cups of water into your 4 cup coffee maker, it completely over flows, "coffee cups" are much smaller, which is probably a good thing. ;)

Ok, so my son totally broke the I'm done when the thermometer pops out of the turkey button. Yes, my belly button never really popped out with my son, but here I am at 21 weeks and it totally looks like the turkey is done cooking!

And it looked like this at about 16 weeks. So he broke it! I can't imagine what it will look like at 38 weeks. I'm thinking it will just flatten out because there will be no room for it to look like this. I call this the hotdog butt because it looks like the butt of a hotdog. I used to have such a beautiful little "inny" belly button. Oh the days...hmmm.


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