Friday, August 12, 2011


"J" is Afraid of His Room.

I remember as a child lying in my room with my covers up to my chin, just staring around at the darkness. I was afraid of the dark for a long long time. Not sure what prompted the monsters in the dark fear, but it was there and still to this day, if I watch a scary movie, my mind moves to the worst possible scenario when I'm turning out the lights for the night.

My son, two, hasn't ever been afraid of anything. Not a lot of toddlers are unless something tells them to be afraid. Many times its the reactions of parents that fuel a toddlers fear. Sometimes though, it comes from nothing and they are just afraid.

We live in a town house with an HOA who maintains our front yard, and any paint jobs the houses need on our street. Well a few weeks ago we were informed that painters would be painting the outside of our house. This required them to get up on the roof and paint outside my son's bedroom window. One morning my son was playing in his room, when he comes running out screaming and crying. He was scared. I follow him back to his room to see why he was so frightened to find a man standing on the roof working outside his window. The man didn't say anything or acknowledge J's fear. The window was open because we live in a town where its as cool outside as it is inside most of the time and we don't even have air conditioning. Anyway, the man ignored J's cry and just kept working. He didn't apologize or anything. So for most of the day, I kept J out of his room and I shut the blinds and window.

This was a major inconvenience for me because the workers were banging on the house with their tools and I was unable to put the kiddos down for naps at their scheduled times. Who can sleep when someone is banging outside your window? I tried moving J to our room. It worked ok, until the workers switched the side of the house they were working on a few days later.

Since then, my son has been afraid to play in his room and he comes running out of his room when we put him to bed at night if he hears the slightest noise outside. He could hear a dog barking, or the neighbor starting up their big truck, and he is running out of his room terrified!

He won't play in there unless I am sitting right there with him. I really hate seeing him so afraid of a room that is supposed to make him feel safe and and a room that should be his sanctuary of fun. :(  I wish there was something I could do, but I'm guessing time will help him be less afraid.

Has your toddler shown fear toward anything, anyone or a specific room in your house? 


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