Friday, October 28, 2011


At the end of 8 months...

Well I have another week to go before I enter my final month of pregnancy. My nineth month...I have about 36 days to go and I'm ready, but I'm not. My body is ready to get this baby out, but I'm slacking on the projects I planned to have done. For example I was supposed to be sewing diaper twenty-something this week. How many have I sewed? 9! Just nine measly diapers, which means, I'll have to buy some. Diaper Swappers here I come!

I also just discovered from looking at my old blog posts with my son where I tracked absolutely everything that happened with him, that I am already 2 pounds heavier than my final weigh in with him at 128. I am 130 and I have 5 weeks to go!! BUT THE COOKIES! The cookies in the cookie jar look so good, I can't help but have 2 or 3 a day...and well my nightly portion of ice can I go without that...I blame the cookies and the ice cream for my stretch marks. Yep... I really don't see myself having an 8 pound baby, but I guess its possible. Little J Myster was 6 pounds 9 oz, and considering that I am having a hard time fitting into a couple of stretchy pants, I know its my ass that has taken a few pounds of this extra weight.

I also blame not working for the extra weight. When I was pregnant with my son, I ate approximately three square meals a day simply because there was no snacking while at work, and I was more active. Being a stay at home mom, I'm sure that is why and the work I do is on the computer. But that is ok, I really can't wait to get back into a work out after the baby is born and when my sleep deprivation levels normal know after I'm used to only sleeping two hours a night and still functioning every day like normal. ;) That's something you have to build up to, or a state of delirium you hit where everything is just funny. You know what I'm talking about!

Also with this new work at home job I have, I am finding it hard to find time to completely concentrate on work without interruptions from the toddler who is in an anti-nap phase. Figures his anti-nap phase would start when I started a work at home job. So getting 20 minutes of work in a day, when I had hoped to get 3 hours a a little disappointing...and I'm trying to figure out how to get three hours a day in once the baby comes...can I do it? I hope so...

Ok, well that's my weekly pregnancy rant/update. Lets see what I can get accomplished this weekend.  


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