Thursday, February 16, 2012


Facebook Funny


Do you have those relatives, or even friends who walk into a conversation, either in real life or say on facebook and have no idea what they've walked into, but their mere comment takes the conversation to a whole new level? That was this morning as I was sipping my coffee scanning my news feed.

Now before we start, I will tell you my husband has a dirty mind. There is no changing that and most of his facebook updates consist of something that can be taken the wrong way. He does this on purpose. Many laugh, many pretend they didn't see the update, and my mother in law often does this. This time she didn't know what she was stepping into, but it made my morning as I nearly spewed coffee all over my computer screen.

Now I've taken a screen shot of the conversation, but I've changed the names and blurred out the profile images to protect them, but I just couldn't help blogging about this this morning. I also want to say that my husband and I are friends on twitter so of course I knew he had a twitter account, but I said what I said to escalate the conversation to see what responses my husband would get. I guess over the years my husband has corrupted my innocent mind too. Ok, well I've never really been innocent, nor have I ever pretended to be. ;)


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