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Canadian $50 Groupon Review and Giveaway

This post is for all my Canadian Friends!

If you are always looking for deals and steals or just don't do the things you enjoy because you think you don't have the money for it then checking out Groupons is for you. I'm talking about Fine Dinning, getting a pedicure, a massage, hot air ballooning, etc. I'm sure you've heard about groupons but maybe you don't know exactly how this works.

Let me explain. Groupons is sort of like your discount shop for all the things you'd love to do but wouldn't unless you could get a discount for it. So you are sitting here at your computer looking at your toes and thinking, man it would be really nice to have a pedicure, but I just can't afford it right now. You just might be wrong! As you are reading this, open up a new tab in your browser, type in http://groupon.ca  then sign up!
Once you sign up you get to find out all the amazing deals that are going on right in your location.

Check out the tabs at the top of the groupon page that I have highlighted:

These tabs show you what you can find in your area from Featured Deals, All Deals, Now! Deals (Deals that are usually today only) Getaways, Goods and Rewards.

So if you are planning a family vacation somewhere and you know you are going to be eating out or staying at a hotel, you would be saving yourself tons of money, sometimes up to 85% off just by using a groupon!
For example the featured groupon that is in my location today is a Two-Hour Horseback riding Trail Ride for two people that is over half off! The value of this two hour excursion is $70 and you can buy it with a groupon for $35!  Without a groupon you might be looking at that price thinking, I can't afford that, but when you knock it to half off, now you can!

So if you aren't interested in the Featured Groupon, click on the next tab: All Deals. You will find groupons for things like laser hair removal, wine tasting, discounts on resturants and getaways! Yes I said getaways, but we will get to that in a minute. Click on the next tab that says Now! Deals.  Now! Deals are the deals that are good for Today Only and feature anything from Food & Drink, Beauty & Spa, Activities and Night Life, Coffee & Treats, Shopping, Home & Auto, Health & Fitness or even for your pets. Say your dog needs a grooming really bad. Well before you head to the usual place your normally get this done at, look up  the deals for groomers in your location. You might be pleasantly surprised at the discount you will find!

Now for the fun part. You are heading out of town or on vacation. You could just book your hotel stay thru your usual methods, or check out the getaway deals they have going on in the area you will be staying! This could make as much of a difference from booking your stay at a motel 6 and booking your hotel stay at a cozy Bed and Breakfast or Resort with a few things thrown in like massages or room service!

The next tab at the top is "Goods". These are all material things, not services. For example if you are thinking of getting your mother a necklace for her birthday, I've seen groupon deals for up to 80% off on the nicest jewelry at some of the finest jewelry retailers around. You don't have to tell mom you used a groupon for it, although she might just be proud of you for doing so. ;)

Now for the best part of using groupons. The Rewards!! Its really easy to use the rewards. Simply browse businesses on Groupon or look for the Groupon Rewards sticker at local stores to start earning points. You know those crazy aps that make you check in to your location to use rewards? Well this is easier than that. Any credit card you have associated with groupons will track all your rewards simply by using that credit card at purchase time which allows you to unlock reward deals. When you reach the spend goal at a business, you’ll unlock an exclusive Groupon to use there!

Wanna check on your account and reward points? Thats easy, just download the app for your smartphone and you can check out your points or purchase groupons for a place on the go!

Still not convinced? Well hey, I'll throw in $50 Canadian Groupon Dollars for one winner to sign up and start saving money in your location!

Here are the details:
This is for Canadians or those traveling to Canada using Canadian dollars only!
You must be 18 years or older with a valid email address and you must sign up to groupons.ca to receive your groupon points. Please note your groupon dollars will be awarded to your Groupon account, so you must have an account or sign up to receive this offer.

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