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Crescent Roll Pizza Bites Recipe

Egh, I don't really know what to call them. But they were inspired by not having anything in my house that I would normally make for lunch. But I had these items in my fridge.

The spinach was from a recent recipe where I made pinterest Chicken Penne Pasta. Yesterday I rolled the spinach up in a tortilla, with some deli meat and cheese and fed it to my toddler who loved it. Any time you can get a toddler to eat spinach, its an amazing thing! So today I was trying to find another use for the spinach since I had all this bread, but no sandwhich meat or sliced cheese, which are staples in our house for sure!

The crescent rolls, bacon bits, shredded cheese and Hormel crumbled meat make up this crescent roll concoction and its super easy to make!

1. chopped spinach
2. crumbled hamburger or sausage meat
3. Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits. (Don't use the hard crunchy kind!)
4. Shredded cheese (we used cheddar jack, but you could use mozzarella or any kind you like)
5. Crescent Rolls

Preheat oven to temp it says on the package of crescent rolls.
Roll out the crescent rolls
Add your crumbled meat, spinach and cheese.
Roll up into the crescent roll shape

*Before putting into the oven, clear off any pieces that fall out of the crescent roll with a paper towel, just go in between the crescent rolls and clear off stray ingredients. Any cleared off ingredients can easily be eaten with a fork or melted in a tortilla for another concoction with the same ingredients. But I advise cleaning the spillover from the cookie sheet as it will make cleaning it much easier.

Cook for the time it says on the crescent rolls package and at the end you have yummy delicious appetizers!

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