Sunday, May 20, 2012


My Coupon Folder

I've gotten many odd looks from people when I parooze the aisle of grocery stores with my coupon folder comparing coupons and store sales. Sometimes people roll their eyes, sometimes even the cashier depending on their age rolls their eyes when I hand them like 20 coupons.

I used to have an expandable little folder for coupons that fit inside my purse, until I realized that I simply couldn't keep track of much of the sales to coupons ratios like some of the extreme couponers. I don't think I'm extreme. I just see myself as a smart shopper and yes I will go to four or five different stores for different things thru out the week to get that deal.

This is my coupon folder:

And this is one of my grocery bills today.
You can see I saved more than I spent and most of the time if I can't at least save 30% on a bill, its not worth a trip.

Now I just need to make a cute little cover for the front of my coupon folder. :) 

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Mitzi Goodson said...

I NEED that!!

Glenda Cates said...

They wouldn't be rolling there eyes if they saw how much you saved during the year. As my friend wa sable to save over 7,000 last year and I am sure there are people that do not make that much.  I just wish I knew more about it as I do know it can help out on the bill but I always forget to do it and matching coupons I do not have the time for. I know thats a copy out but it is true. said...

This one of the best folder for coupon.  I also have this type of coupon holder, its  large and very heavy.  This folder is perfect for my needs so i really like this folder.

Dawn Paoletta said...

wow. impressive. Nice organizing!

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