Saturday, May 05, 2012


Please Stop Electrocuting Children!!!

Its times like these where I am glad I have a blog because it gives me a voice and I have a voice right now!!!

This is absolutely ridiculous!! A “special needs school” in Canton, Massachusetts shocks children with high volts of electricity, much higher than a police officer would use from a stun gun, for a child's behavior. In this case this student was shocked up to 31 times for not taking off his jacket, leaving the child with brain damage. Keep in mind this is a "SPECIAL NEEDS" school! I honestly don't even know why a damn petition needs to be signed to put these assholes in jail!! This is child abuse. Any person who watches this video can see that it is child abuse!!

Please make your voice count and sign this petition and re-share it! Imagine if this was your child! Don't let this happen to your child or any child!

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Grandmakeith said...

Thank you for exposing this atrocity. I can't believe something like this actually exists in our country. I signed the petition.

Heather said...

Thank you! What is even more unbelievable is this happened in 2002 and this center is still functioning!! I am in complete shock that this is still going on. 

CColleen said...

This is horrifying. I am in tears. My heart breaks for that child. Thank you for posting about this. Petition signed.

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