Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Scentos Markers Review & Giveaway!

My little J myster got the opportunity today to sample WeVeels Scentos Scented Markers! We were given a sample package to review and they are very fun and sure to inspire the artist in every child, especially with each marker's crazy goofy face! The great thing about these markers other than each maker has a specific scent is that they for one are non-toxic. These markers are big, so they are easily grip-able, but I was a little worried about my counter tops when J started drawing with them. He's not the best at staying on the paper just yet. A little bit of marker got on the counter top, and a wet wipe easily got the marker off and it didn't even require scrubbing. (Hasn't been tested on walls yet, and prefer not to! HA HA! ).

Anyway, another plus about these markers is being able to keep track of those lids!
You can easily put the lid on the top part of the marker and keep the lid with the marker at all times!

J thought the faces were particularly funny and did a bit trying to imitate each face. It was cute. I didn't particularly emphasize to him that the markers were scented because I didn't want him to go around shoving markers up his noses, but he did say, "Oh I like the smell!" which is a much better smell than your typical chemically smelling marker.

Here J myster is drawing me a picture. I asked him to draw me a picture of Daddy. 

He's gotta work on those smiley faces, but I think its pretty good artwork for a child that just turned three a couple months ago. ;) 

Scentos Markers even come in collectables!

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