Thursday, October 25, 2012


Bloggers What Are Your Opinions on Sponsored Posts vs Guest Posts?


Like me I'm sure that you get hundreds of emails, PR messages, review requests or people that want to write a sponsored or guest post on your blog or website. But I find a hard time drawing the line sometimes at when to allow sponsored/guest posts on my site. I of course like many of you are involved in affiliate programs where you get paid to write about a certain topic on your blog. But what happens when you are emailed and asked to publish something on your blog for free? Where do you draw the line? If you do it free for one person, then is it fair to charge the next person a fee for this service that you are providing? A lot of emails that come to my inbox claim, that if you simply publish this article it will drive hundreds of thousands of readers to your site. While that sounds lovely, I would love to hear from other bloggers out there, about their experience with this. I'm not opposed to posting guest posts as long as its not "free advertising" because I do sell ad space on my blog, and don't feel its fair to give an advertiser a 125 x 125 space, but then turn around and give an entirely free platform to another business in basically a  full page ad. It just seems a little unfair. So I feel like some people/businesses are trying to get by the system. I'd love to hear from you on how you manage these requests.


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