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When You Are Trying To Conceive...

My husband and I didn't wait too long before trying to have a child once we got married. It was something that we both wanted to do and my husband being 11 years older than me, wanted to do it sooner rather than later. So needless to say back in 2007 when we got married, we tried to conceive the next month. It didn't happen. It didn't happen the month after that either..or the year after that. It was devastating month after month not knowing what was wrong with either of us. Why couldn't we conceive?

I was seeing a doctor to help aid in getting pregnant, She was reluctant to try things with me since I was under the age of 30 at the time. I simply hadn't tried long enough in her opinion. I did test after test and everything appeared ok on the surface. My doctor couldn't find a reason except that we had bad timing, or it was possibly my husband. My husband didn't want to believe that it was him. So I started micromanaging our fertility. I started charted, I started using OPK's to track my ovulation. I joined online support groups for those having trouble trying to conceive. I took my body temperature....I became obsessed. About six months before we actually conceived I went on a fertility diet. Then I finally convinced my husband to get his sperm tested.

He got tested, but the lab messed up his results. The doctor called back and told my husband he had almost no motility with his sperm. Meaning his sperm doesn't travel. He had a great count, but they were lazy. They didn't want to go anywhere. It came with a little relief that it wasn't me. But also a huge question mark in our mind as to why my husband was having this problem. How do we fix it?

A few days later the doctor called us back with some news that made us feel a whole lot better, but still left us with unanswered questions. The lab had messed up the results because they didn't check the motility of the sperm within the right time frame. So the doctor did a little guess work on how long sperm is supposed to survive and we actually found that his sperm's motility was pretty average. There was nothing wrong with him.

But it didn't stop us from trying to see what we could do to help aid us in the fertility area in a less financial strain than invetro fertilization. I was on a fertility diet balancing out my carbs to protein ratio and eating what they call "fertile foods". The husband was taking a multivitamin that was supposed to aid in sperm production and motility. After three months the diet wasn't getting us anywhere. So I finally switched doctors and got on clomid. Clomid didn't work first either. After two failed attempts using Clomid, I had pretty much counted our dreams of being parents out. I had one last chance to try clomid and have it work...and I had already counted it a loss before we even began trying that month.

We decided to take a break. Or well I did. I was done charting, done with the OPK's done with it all. I need ed a vacation from it. Hunky Hubs though continued to take his fertility supplement.

The next month, while on vacation in Vegas, we conceived! I'm not sure to this day if it was because of the Clomid, or because my husband was taking those supplement.  We were cautiously happy, but it was a trying time for us to get pregnant because a few weeks before the end of my first trimester both my husband and I lost our jobs due to the company being sold.

Obviously things are so much better than they were three years ago. I am here now with two happy healthy baby boys living in a home that we just bought in May and I'm a stay at home mom. I'm so glad we didn't give up completely.

I wanted to share my story with you about our TTC efforts because I have been asked to help give away an amazing product that has been clinically proven to improve the quality of sperm health. There are many factors that can contribute to low sperm health. Maybe your man doesn't drink enough water. Maybe he wears his shorts too tight etc. There are a number of things that can play a factor in sperm health and there are five contributing factors that tell doctors if sperm is healthy. That is sperm count, sperm motility, sperm speed, sperm concentration and sperm morphology (shape and size). Proxeed is a supplement that is designed to help sperm quality in addition to providing a defense mechanism for the acidic atmosphere of the vagina. As soon as sperm enter this atmosphere, they start to die. Proxeed helps the little guys get farther.

So if you have been TTCing without any results I encourage you and your partner to try Proxeed Plus. You can take it in conjunction with most other fertility treatments. Proxeed Plus is allowing me to give away a free trial of this supplement to one lucky reader. One reader will get a 1 months supply of Proxeed Plus, which is a $125 value.

ProXeed Plus is a dietary supplement formulated to optimize sperm health. Two packets of ProXeed Plus a day, taken over the course of 6 months, may enhance sperm count, concentration, motility and speed, which may help increase the chances of conception. In one particular study, the ingredients in ProXeed Plus were shown to result in a 20% increase in pregnancy rates as compared to placebo.

Additional ProXeed Plus product details:

  • Comes in a powder form that easily dissolves in cold beverages, such as water or juice
  • Has added nutrients targeted at reducing oxidative damage and supporting the formation and maturation of the sperm
  • Has a pleasant fruit flavor
  • Is only 12 calories
  • Visit proxeed.com for additional information and purchase ($125 for a 1 month supply, 2 boxes containing 30 packets each)

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