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Andovia Mineral Eye Gel

Being a mommy of a toddler and an infant, my eyes tend to give away how I'm feeling. Tired is what I'm feeling most of the time. And we are in the process of sleep training our 11 month old. We have great nights and then some nights we take two steps backwards.

If you are like many people when you don't get enough sleep, your eyes tell the world. Mine tend to be puffy or have a black and blue haze around them. Not only that, I live in the driest state of North America, Arizona. So I tend to have dry skin.

Andovia Mineral eye gel is the perfect solution to baggy, puffy, wrinkly eyes, and that dry skin problem. I've been using the Andovia mineral eye gel for a few weeks now and I've noticed a tightening and silky feeling on my eye lids and skin around my eyes. Its the perfect stuff to put on every time you wash your face or before applying eye make-up.

Andovia mineral eye gel uses ingredients like dead sea salt, sweet almonds, chamomile, ginseng and soybean to help soften the skin around the eye. It helps to hold moisture in and has natural antioxidants like vitamins A and C to help protect skin from daily damage.

If you suffer from dry skin around your eyes, or simply want an eye cream that is made specifically for healthy youthful looking eyes, Andovia mineral eye gel will help revitalize them. 

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