Thursday, November 29, 2012


Every Blogger Needs A Lap Desk!

Guess what I'm writing this post on? A lap desk! Yep, I'm sitting on my couch, with my little tablet/laptop watching the kids play with an eye or two on my favorite show "Gilmore Girls". Why not just use my laptop on my lap? A couple reasons....

Its not as comfortable for one. Second, using a lap desk, instead of your lap, helps your laptop to breathe. It helps it not to overheat, and second there is room for the laptop and my remote control right next to it. ;)

The bottom of the lap desk is perfectly cushioned, but it provides a solid flat, cool service for your laptop, tablet, or like the other night ended up being my TV dinner tray!

I was thinking I wish I had this lap desk back when I was pregnant with "B". It would have been the perfect thing to take to the hospital with me. Its compact and has a handle for carrying, and I could have eaten my meals and skyped with my friends on it so much easier than with that uncomfortable swing over tray that never gets low enough over the hospital bed.

Also in our house our dinning room doesn't over see the living room at all, so those nights when you want to eat dinner and watch TV, the lap desk works perfectly for that!

I have an office, but a lot of times with the kids, its just easier being with them, doing my online stuff, than it is being in my office because there isn't such an incessant need to "get to mommy". If I'm in my office no more than five minutes, I usually have a baby at the gate screaming because of the separation. But if I'm sitting on the couch, they tend to play with each other a lot better and there is less screaming and fishy business from the three year old. ;)

Now I don't have this schoolhouse lap desk, but I was looking up other lap desks to see how the ones I have compare, and this one is pretty cool! Say you just need a safe compartment for loose papers, but don't want to put your work away just yet. You can store your papers, cell phone, tablet or maybe even a notebook inside the lap desk!

I have two lap desks, one for my husband, and his is this very classy  Classic Executive lap desk which is perfect for Sunday football. Yes, you heard me. Its when I cook breakfast on a football Sunday and my husband is physically incapable of leaving his chair. I then can bring him breakfast and he can eat his scrambled eggs from his lap desk.

Hunky Hubs also ends up doing a lot of work at home stuff and the lap desk works perfectly for him since he doesn't really have a desk for his laptop, and we have no coffee table due to the kids.

Anyway, if you are thinking about getting someone a thoughtful gift that virtually anyone can use! Anyone that has a lap, including a three year old who wants to draw and watch TV, then this is the perfect gift for them! I'm so glad I have one!!

The lovely people at LapDesk is letting me give one away to a reader! If you'd like one, enter here!

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