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Nap Time Blogging

Well I am writing this in the boys' room. Its the first of many nap time blogs I will probably be writing. I am attempting to correct a mistake I made very early in B's infancy. Up until about 6 months of age, B could fall asleep on his own without any crutches. We could put him in his pack n play or crib and he'd fall right to sleep. Then we moved. At that time since I was doing so many things alone while Hunky Hubs was working, the routine I had so carefully laid out for all of J Myster's infancy fell by the wayside and I let B start falling asleep where every he was last playing. I'd move him to a safer place, but I was so busy packing, unpacking, painting arranging you name it, that routine went out the window.

Now baby B can fall asleep anywhere, unlike J Myster whom had to be in his bed with his blanky for him to drift off to sleepyland. So that's a nice side to Baby B, but he does not like it when you put him in his crib anymore and walk is the end of the world. So that is why I am sitting in here, until he falls asleep.

Currently he is trying to get my attention by being cute, but I refuse to look. I will not give in to the cute babbling and grunting to get my attention. NOPE. NOT GONNA DO IT!

Not only are we transitioning into a regular nap time routine, we are weaning. I have mixed feelings when it comes to this. I will not be having any more kiddos. Not if I have a say in it. I'm done, I want to sleep. I need my sleep. Since I have only ever used formula with Baby B when I was away from him it took him awhile for him to take to it. He would not take a bottle if I gave it to him. But he would if we weren't at home. Finally I transitioned him to formula with pumping and doing half formula, half breast milk for a while, then he started to take a full bottle of formula after about a week.

After that transition I knew it was about time to cut out a few night time feedings. Still at 10 months he was waking up 4 times a night and I was just way too irritable to continue not getting sleep. Something had to be done. He wouldn't simply let me rock him and put him back down, he would fight to get to my breast. If I didn't let him nurse he would wail inconsolably...then feeling like I was being more cruel than trying to break a bad habit, I'd give in.

I suppose if he only woke a few times at night I wouldn't have felt the need to wean so soon, but he's what I have called "backwards baby". My first son started sleeping thru the night at 6 months when we introduced solids. B stopped sleeping thru the night when we introduced solids. Not sure how they could be so strikingly different, but they are in terms of personality and what worked for J is just not working for B. But alas, this mommy needs to wake up feeling refreshed and we have to start getting used to a routine again.

So last week, we were able to get B to sleep thru the night as long as Hunky Hubs got up with B at night. If Hunky Hubs got up, he'd go back to sleep within minutes and sleep most of the night. He'd have a few early mornings, but that was way better than waking every two hours. I really could never fall back asleep in between nursing sessions so my irritability would just build and build.

So a few weeks shy of B turning one, we are in these two transitions. I have so enjoyed being able to breast feed both my boys til the age of 1 and I certainly don't think "1" is any magic number to stop doing things...but for my body and mind, I need to stop. I think if mom's want to go shorter or longer, that is completely up to what they are comfortable with and I am a big advocate for breast feeding. It is soo much better for baby. But I'm also not one of those moms who tell formula feeding moms they are horrible people. In this day and age being home with your child to breast feed is a luxury. Parents gotta do what is best and what makes sense.

At any rate, over the next few weeks we will see how enforcing this nap time routine will go. Both my kids are very strong willed. But Its necessary. How did you sleep train/wean your baby any tried and true tips?

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