Tuesday, November 27, 2012


WW: My Life Via Instagram (with linky)

Hi everyone!
If you are like me you are constantly snapping pictures and "instagramming" them! And of course you want to share them! Well I want to share mine too! So this is where you can do so and get some comments on your instagrams!

Even if you don't instagram, you can link up a Wordless Wednesday post in the linky and still get picture comments.  What do you do? Link up your instagram pics, but make sure that the picture links to your instagram page so that people can comment on the instagram itself, then just link your post on the linky and share the linky code in your post so we can get a ton of people participating in this meme!

Oh and definitely have fun explaining your pics. It doesn't have to be "wordless" or anything, so have fun sharing!

Baby B playing under his saucer eating cheerios out of it. More fun to play under it than in it. ;)

J myster not wanting his Thanksgiving Dinner because he filled up on olives before hand.

Me and J myster, Thanksgiving night...

Picture of the boys in front of the tree. It totally looks like J is strangling B! LOL

Thanksgiving Dinner!

B making a mess of his snacks...

Sleeping like an angel...

Dressed and ready to go see Christmas lights!

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