Friday, December 07, 2012


Deep Conversations With A Three Year Old

In the mornings I have some of the best conversations with J. He is smart. I know I know, every parent thinks their kid is smart. But J truly is smart. He's three and is on his way to reading four, five, six letter words in the next few months.....

But putting that aside. He's just too cute sometimes.

Here's this morning's conversation.

J sees this pamphlet on my desk that has this logo on it and says "look mom, its your hand and my hand".
I say, "it sure is."
J then asked me to raise my hand. I do and I fit his little hand inside mine and match up his thumb with mine along with all the other fingers and then I say, "Do you want to know something real neat J?"

He whispers back, "YES!!"

I say, "Someday your hand will be bigger than mine. One day it will be as big as daddy's and daddy's hands are much bigger than mine."
He's quiet for a minute contemplating this new information, so I feel the need to add that he will also be taller, just like daddy and that he will one day be taller than me (I hope).

He gets real excited and says, "Mama, then I can help you carry Baby B!"

Never mind that Baby B will totally out grow him one day and that when that happens they will both be on their way to being men, but its the thought in his little heart of using his strength to help his mama, that makes me grateful for his kind heart.

I love this kid.....good thing huh? ;)

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