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Twas The Night After Christmas

Twas the night after Christmas and all thru the house, it was a complete disaster with wrapping paper, bows and toys everywhere! Boxes that won't make it into the dumpster, that will pile up on the side of the house til they can be cut up and put inside...
Its so funny how you spend all this time cleaning and getting ready for the destruction ... aka the day of Christmas present opening.  The house, like in our case was clean for about 12 hours. Now the day after Christmas I still have a house to clean. Dishes are in the sink because after dinner I didn't feel like cleaning them on Christmas day. They are soaking (wink wink)

Christmas eve we set the milk and cookies out for Santa with J myster and went outside to sprinkle reindeer food on the yard. It was fun to see the excitement on his face and hear him talk about Santa. Hunky Hubs rocked him to sleep and the last thing he said before dosing off was "Santa gonna bring me toys and candy!" We tucked him into bed and then Hunky Hubs woke early Christmas day, started a fire and I laid in bed with Baby B waiting for J to stir. I heard a thump in his room, walked in to see he had fallen out of bed and was lying on the floor. I woke him and asked if he'd like to go see if Santa left him presents. But he did the exact same thing he did the year before when Santa left him the train table. A giant train table that daddy built for him, he wakes up and walks right past it and over to see if Santa ate the cookies and milk. Then he looks at the tree and sees nothing but the presents mommy and daddy left him. We had to literally say "LOOK HERE! There's a train table!  So this year he did the exact same thing. He got a Black N Decker Work Bench from Santa sitting right next to the tree and he doesn't see it?!! It was unbelievable! He had to see if Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk, but was oblivious to it until we pointed to it. It was so incredibly funny especially since it was twice lived.

We commenced in Santa gift opening, which is always the one left out unwrapped under the tree and Santa always fills the stockings. The other presents under the tree are from mommy and daddy and grandma and who ever else gives a gift. I want my kids to know that Santa gives gifts, but so does his family; that way one day when he stops believing in Santa Claus he can still see the magic and love behind Christmas. I also felt that this year at the age of 3, it was appropriate for J to give gifts this year to his family. He made his grandmas and aunts Christmas ornaments for their tree and next year we'll get more elaborate with the things he can "make" for his family. I think its really important to stress as early as you can with kids the sentiments of "giving". J loved loved making and giving something to his family. You could see the pride on his face and the excitement he had when he handed them their gifts. Now if only I could spread that excitement to the "sharing" of his toys with his baby brother! ;) Ha ha!

But much to my relief I am glad its all winding down. No more parties to get ready and plan, at least for another 25 days. The hubs' birthday is in January, so I still have some gift buying to do and some planning, but at least its just for one person.

Now I can get the kids back into a daily routine, maybe incorporate an exercise routine too, which is much needed after a month of fudge and pie eating!

I really don't want to talk about the "presents" received...because as much as that is one of the exciting things about Christmas, I've always kinda loved Thanksgiving better, less expectations, and the holiday is about each other, not things. But this Christmas I'd have to say was the best Christmas ever!!! First and foremost, it was the best because our family is complete, no one is missing. It was the best because it was in our new house, the house my kids will grow up in. It was the best because it was a white Christmas and I spent my very first "lazy" day in probably a year on the couch with my family watching Christmas movies and doing NOTHING. That's right, I made it a point to get it all done before Christmas eve so that I could wake up and do absolutely nothing that day. And it was amazing! I played games with J on the couch. We watched movies, made popcorn and hot cocoa and talked about Santa and just were together.

I do have to say that J however, made out like a bandit. We always try to have equal numbers of presents under the tree, but he had like 5 more gifts than anyone else. I hope its something he remembers for a long time.

As for me, my husband knows me best. Actually anyone who knows me at all knows about my need love for coffee!

He said it was from the boys! And I am seriously so stoked to start using it! I brewed a cup on Christmas day, but I'm excited to get some teas and hot chocolate for it. Maybe the hubs will even use it for Hot Chocolate on cold winter days before work since he isn't' a coffee drinker. Now before this, I had a Tassimo, and the Tassimo brewbot is great but I just can't find t-discs in stores anywhere up here. I was told it was due to elevation problems when I asked at Bed Bath And Beyond a while back. I am soo loved!

Thanks babe!!

Hope all my readers had a splended Christmas and as my son would say "Happy Merry Christmas" 

Now I need to teach him Happy New Year! ;) 

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