Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Weekend Reflections

Last weekend we had our family Christmas party. We also got over 10 inches of snow. It started Friday in the wee hours of the morning. It was a blizzard by the time the massacre happened at Sandy Nook. I wanted to watch the news but was crying off and on holding my two kids. It was probably a good thing that the snow started covering my dish and messing with my reception. I needed to turn it off for a bit and focus on "my" kids. J who has always been concerned anytime he sees me cry said "mama it will be ok!"

Hunky Hubs came home early that day from work. I had told him on Instant Messenger what happened. We were both just disgusted, but like many Americans felt it so hard to turn off. How do you take something like that in, and then turn around and forget you heard it moments later. You don't.

But when you have two small kids who are incapable of understanding that at any point in time their existence could be taken from them, you simply have to stop listening to the news and return to your world of cleaning and preparing their little minds for the excitement of the Christmas party that would ensue later in the weekend.

We all spent restless nights sleeping in the living room close to the fire, but I found it hard to get restful sleep. At 3am my creative writing juices were flowing and I got up and wrote a poem, but went back to bed when I heard Baby B stirring.

Saturday morning we woke up. Went to see Aunt Kim at breakfast and before we left, the snow was getting heavier and heavier. We didn't watch the news Saturday until that evening. I knew I just needed to get out in the snow with J myster and have fun with him during the first snowfall of the season.

We played in the snow that morning and stayed warm the rest of the day inside by the fire and cleaned for the next day's family Christmas party.

Sunday afternoon our family came over and we ate good food and opened gifts and had a great time.

J myster got this cool car that he can take apart with a toy drill from his aunt. He's been playing with it non-stop. It was a good day. We laughed and just enjoyed being around everyone and the boys were completely exhausted when everyone left.

We made this concrete keepsake for my Mother in Law with JJ's handprint and his age and B's handprint and his age next to it. She loved it.

After everyone went home and we finally got our PJ's on, we then turned on the news and saw the 20 precious names and faces of those beautiful little lost souls. My heart wept again.

Just like with 9/11, we'll never forget 12/14/12
Sandy Hook Elementary, we weep for you.

Photobucket Author: Heather
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Dysfunction Junction said...

Hi Heather!

Stopping over from the blog hop! Now following you on Linky Friends! If you have a moment to follow back that would be wonderful!

Camilleta said...

That is such an adorable pic with the snowman.

I've just been snuggling and appreciating my kids this week too... I can't sleep, keep having nightmares about the shooting. :(

Heather said...

Me too. I woke up this morning at 4:30, couldn't go back to sleep til 6:00.

Dawn Paoletta said...

I actually did not watch any of the coverage. I think it is too much to process and feeds the media's drive to cross too many lines. This is a difficult holiday in light of the tragedy at Sandy Hook. My heart is still breaking and praying for the families. Love to you, Heather. Merry Christmas. Cling to the good.

Heather said...

There's no way I will not be thinking of those victims families every day for quite some time.

Victoria said...

I love the gift you got for your Mother in Law, very sweet!

I definitely can't get my mind over the events of Sandy Hook, still waiting for my LO to get here (Jan2nd) Hoping 2013 is a better year.

Heather said...

Victoria I hope so too. Although there are so many people afraid of the number "13". I sure hope it is a good year though. That is if we all live past 12/21/12/ LOL! ;)

Monica said...

This post makes me cry...and I can tell that you really adore your loved ones. Sending my absolute best. xo - Monica

Terri Lynn Grothe said...

Glad to see you back.
It was a sad time indeed.
Hugs to you my friend

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