Friday, January 11, 2013


Kitchen Make Over Idea!

One of the first things my husband wanted to do when we moved in was put a back-splash up in our kitchen. We had been watching the DIY network while boxing up our lives and we would TVO Holmes on Homes and Kitchen Crashers and it put our minds to work thinking about all the different things we could do to our very own home. But for me, I had already picked out colors for our kitchen and dinning room in my head and when the Hubs said he wanted to put up a back-splash, I was like "um....what"?  What about my colorful summer green kitchen walls? He said you can still have that, I just want a back-splash as well.

So I pondered it for awhile continuing to watch Kitchen Crashers and in almost every episode they had these awesome unique amazing black-splashes. They started to grow on me after we moved in, but there was no way I was giving up my summer green kitchen. I got it. ;) The Hubs painted it right before Thanksgiving and it looks amazing with our summer peach dinning room. Catch a theme going on here?

Anyway, since he still is adamant about putting up a back-splash, I've been on a search to find something that will compliment our custom cabinets but not take away from the beautiful color, I want them all to compliment each other. So I'm not yet certain what kind of back splash would look good in our kitchen. Maybe a Mosaic tile style but a brick accent also sounds appealing too. We have a while to decide how we want to do it. We might need an expert though since we have such a brightly painted kitchen.

What do you think of kitchen back splashes? I think they definitely add character and monetary value to a home.

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