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NuviaTrim, Weight loss in A Cup Review

Back about a month ago, I was contacted to see if I wouldn't mind reviewing a coffee product that was designed to help you loose weight. At first I was thinking, impossible. I know that part of the reason why I still have some flubber around my tummy is due to my coffee addiction. I was intrigued and jumped at the chance to even loose a few pounds while drinking what I consider my liquid life support. I received the package, but was a bit skeptical if I should be the one reviewing this product as I realized it was "instant coffee". I don't like instant coffee, or actually I should say instant coffee tends to not like me, or my gut. About 30 minutes after I drink it, I end up in the bathroom because it doesn't agree with me. So I was a bit skeptical, but told myself I would at least try a cup and I'd wait to incorporate it in my weight loss efforts after the holidays.

Well today I had my first cup of NuviaTrim, and it did not disappoint! Now if you've been reading, one of my resolutions is to loose 5 pounds. On a side note, I've downloaded a nifty little app that tracks the calories and fat you eat along with logging your daily exercise and it helps you predict you weight loss five weeks in advance if you were to continue eating the same way every day. My goal is to loose 5 pounds. Before I started having babies I was a consistent 98/99 pounds. Yes go ahead and laugh, I was one of those girls who was 90 pounds soaking wet my whole life until I started having kids. And after having Kids, is the only time I've had trouble loosing weight. I weighed in this morning at 103.4. My starting weight a month ago when I decided I needed to loose the baby weight was 107. I didn't really diet at all during the holidays, I did the opposite of diet.

I will be writing another post this week, on the iphone app I use to track what I eat and how I exercise, but back to NuviaTrim.

Now they must have known how much coffee is my addiction and that this would be the perfect product for me to review. This morning I had a cup, not expecting to be impressed, but I was.  I decided over the new year to switch my sweetener out to truvia or stevia and that alone will save me some calories. Also if you gotta have the java, but really are concerned about weight loss, switch your creamer, to non-fat milk. Since this is instant coffee, its not brewed. So I warmed up a cup of water, added my truvia and NuviaTrim and my non-fat milk and took a sip. By golly it tasted like coffee, and good coffee no less. I've always thought instant coffee tasted fake. But this tasted really good and it was strong too. It was like a bold brew, which is perfect for my tastebuds. I enjoyed the entire cup! And no, I wasn't hitting the bathroom a half hour later! ;)

So what makes NuviaTrim Work? (3 key ingredients)

Raspberry Ketone is the key ingredient in this coffee that is supposed to aid in weightloss. According to NuviaTrim raspberry ketone is effective in burning calories to help accelerate weight loss. Raspberry ketones also has an aromatic compound in it, known to contain antioxidants to protect against diseases and prevent damage to body cells.

African Mango from West Africa has been found to aid in weight loss and lower cholesterol levels. The seed extract is also rich in calcium, iron and B vitamins.

Green Coffee Bean Contains polyphenols including chlorogenic acid, green coffee bean helps to balance the blood sugar and boost metabolic rate to burn more fat. It is a powerful antioxidant as well, that helps to fight free radicals that can damage our cells.

(2 Extra Ingredients, that make it worth the buy)

Green Tea Extract: The ECGC found in green tea extract helps in negating the unfavorable effects of a fatty diet. It helps to suppress your appetite and contributes in burning calories to aid in weight loss.

Ganoderma commonly known as lingzhi has been used in East Asia to prevent and treat different diseases such as cancer. Studies also show that ganoderma aides in cardiovascular health.

*Green Coffee Bean has been featured on the show "The Doctors" as being a weight loss aid.

So as this is my first day reviewing NuviaTrim, I can't tell you if it aids in weight loss yet, but it definitely gets a thumbs up for taste. So I will check back in and write the second part to this review in 30 days where I'll tell ya how much I weigh.

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