Tuesday, January 01, 2013


My Life Via Instagram

Hi everyone!
If you are like me you are constantly snapping pictures and "instagramming" them! And of course you want to share them! Well I want to share mine too! So this is where you can do so and get some comments on your instagrams!

Even if you don't instagram, you can link up a Wordless Wednesday post in the linky and still get picture comments.  What do you do? Link up your instagram pics, but make sure that the picture links to your instagram page so that people can comment on the instagram itself, then just link your post on the linky and share the linky code in your post so we can get a ton of people participating in this meme!

Oh and definitely have fun explaining your pics. It doesn't have to be "wordless" or anything, so have fun sharing!

This was my drink of choice Christmas eve. I wanted to relax after some last minute frantic present wrapping and purchasing and then of course house cleaning etc. 

One of the most awesome gifts ever from my two boys! (But really from Daddy of course)

I had to do a screen shot of this, I seriously couldn't believe it was that cold...

And if I thought that was cold, it did get down to -4. Wowza! Glad I was inside with my new coffee maker! 

The boys in beanies! Love the look on Braidy's face! 

Happy New Year!!

Photobucket Author: Heather
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Heather said...

I've had a few sober New Year's myself from nursing. The pink drink is a watermelon margarita! It tasted like a "now n later". I kinda felt guilty for drinking, but I weaned baby B right around his birthday and although there are times I miss nursing him, it was good to be able to relax and have a drink.

Camilleta said...

That sounds pretty good!

It's always bittersweet when they wean. I admit I look forward to finally weaning because I have been breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying to conceive most of the past 5 years now!!

Jennifer said...

I am a Starbucks ADDICT! If you haven’t joined Wordless Wednesday Bloggers yet,
please share your WW at www.wordlesswednesdaybloggers.com
each and every week!

Camilleta said...

The boys are too cute in their beanies! The mudslide looks yummy, and so does whatever that pink drink is... Too bad I had to have a sober New Year's lol!

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