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Just Saw P!nk On Tour, Opening Night!

So I had said a few weeks back that my husband had this amazing thing planned for us around Valentines day. He got us concert tickets to see P!nk! I have been a long time fan, but never been to a concert because we usually go to Bon Jovi every two years. But this year, the hubs loves me so much, he skipped Bon Jovi and we went to P!nk instead and it was the best concert I have ever been to ever!!!

Lets start out first with my first 24 hours away from my almost four year old and 14 month old ever. This has been my first time away from both children ever. We had 24 hours together starting wednesday at noon. I owe a huge thank you to my sister in law Shannon and my mother in law Roni for watching our boys for us at our house while we went down to Phoenix for the concert.

It was incredibly strange not packing up the entire house for a road trip. When you have two little ones you pack everything and the kitchen sink, you need strollers, carriers, clothes, diapers and wipes galore and with this trip, I had one bag! One!!

We started our little road trip around noon on Wednesday. Drove two hours down to Phoenix where P!nk started her "Truth About Love Tour", and checked into a hotel room.

We basically checked in, then hit the road again to make it downtown past the stack before rush hour and find a place to eat dinner. We of course chose the Hard Rock Cafe and met up with my other sister in Law and her husband for dinner!

Kim and Richard, my Sister and Brother in Law! 

We've been with the two of them to several other concerts and its always fun to do it together.
Me and my man!
Hunky hubs doesn't know how to take a picture. He always looks uncomfortable in them and doesn't know how to smile. Its funny.

I had to have a margarita with dinner. I don't drink often, but having 24 hours away from the kids, I really really had to take the opportunity to let loose and have some fun.  I'm so glad I did.
The hubs and I shared a burger and fries, then we all walked over to U.S. Airways Center for the concert, which was literally right across the street.

The Hives, known as the Swedish Garage Band, opened up for P!nk and to be honest I was not a fan. All of their music sounds the same, and the lead singer just came off as desperate. It wasn't the type of band I would have thought would open for Pink and P!nk herself, didn't take the stage til after 9 and the concert started at 7:30. That was pretty annoying, but I can only assume that since Wednesday night was the opening night for her tour and she does all the acrobatic stuff that there were some kinks they had to work out.

This was how close we were to the stage.

Her first number, 'Raise Your Glass" started off pretty rocky. She was hanging from the bungies and it looked like something just wasn't working. She missed singing the first part of the lyrics when the song started. But one thing I have to commend P!nk on that so many bands out there don't do, is she sings! She doesn't lip sync, she does all this acrobatic stuff and sings as well, so I think if the chick has a few mess ups on opening night, its to be expected. She totally knows how to put on a show and she rocked it!!!

This video is the last part of the first song she opened up with, "Raise Your Glass"

I love love love this song, and rock out to it in the car all the time!!
Raise Your Glass - Opening Moments.

This song was "Try" From her new Album "The Truth About Love"

Once again, just amazing and I love that song too. There aren't many P!nk songs, I don't like. 

Kind of an idea of how far away from the stage we were, this is the runway part that extends out from the stage. 

This is when she came over and sang on one of the side stages.

When She performed "Sober", she got in that egg thing and her acrobatic stuff was just awesome!

Amazing right!!?

This was when she perfomed "Glitter" another favorite of mine!
The Song, "Glitter" She spins into a tub of water and comes out dripping! So awesome!

If I remember right, "So What" was the last song, which she rocked, by catapulting herself out into the auditorium! 
Getting ready to catapult! So cool!!!!

It was by far the most amazing concert I have ever been to and I will totally pay to see P!nk in concert again!

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