Tuesday, February 12, 2013


My Life In Pictures

Last week B fell asleep stuck between the couch cushions. I was sitting on the couch on my laptop, and looked over to see he had fallen asleep this way. I couldn't believe it. J never fell asleep in any place but his bed. I think I had taken a picture of J twice once, when he fell asleep on the stairs on the way to bed. But B, falls asleep everywhere!!

And then I couldn't help but give this picture a caption. 

A morning last week. One day I'll love these pics...right now, I kinda want some sunshine. 
Right before a winter snowstorm. 

Stormy weather comfort food. 

J Myster throwing a snowball at me. He goes "Mama, I gonna get you!" 

Eating Snowflakes!

First ever experience in the snow. He was so happy to play in it, til his little fingers got cold and I had to take him inside to daddy.

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