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Our Prescott Heritage Park Zoo Adventure

I have had one busy week I tell ya. The kids are napping this Saturday afternoon, I attemped some gardening in the front yard, but could only successfully sprinkle turf builder and water the front yard. We bought our house in May and before that, the people who lived here were renters, so they didn't keep the yard up and the dirt is so compacted in the planters that you are literally digging up hard clay, some of the soil is fertile, some not so much. Its no fun, but it must be done.

Anyway, I came inside to find the kids asleep, so thought this would be a good time to jot down my week's happenings. Wednesday I hosted play group here at my house. It was fun once again to socialize with other moms, then on Thursday, another mom from the play group, and I, decided to take our kids down the the Heritage Park Zoo in Prescott, AZ.  I decided to invite my mother in law along because I knew she would enjoy being with the kids, and I'd have an extra hand to help. Wednesday night, I prepared lunches for our planned park picnic and set everything out to load up in the car since Prescott is about an hour and 45 minutes away.

We left early in the morning, and got there in plenty of time to enjoy the whole zoo and leave by 2 in the afternoon, so we could get home before Hunky Hubs got off work.

It was a quaint little place, not a big zoo at all. Very cute and a great place to take "little kids". When we pulled up, I was trying to get the stroller out and all the essentials we'd need for the day, snacks, sippy cups, hats, glasses, sun block. Thankfully I lathered the kids up before putting them in the car (but forgot myself).  Anyway, it took like 15 minutes to get them out, in the stroller and the stroller loaded up, and even longer to unload it after the trip. I planned on putting sunblock on, in the parking lot, but seeing as people were waiting on me, I forgot.

One of the first things we saw was a tortoise. 

The kids got a kick out of it, and the guide loved flipping the tortoise over on its back explaining all the ways a tortoise could die, not being right side up. The tortoise did not looked thrilled to be used as an example. 

After that we moved on to other reptiles, including snakes. Sophia was excited about the reptiles, J myster, not so much, he did not want to go near them. Later though after lunch, when they were showing off a python, J got a little braver because Sophia was so excited about it.

There were tons of rescued animals at this zoo native to Arizona. Like this Mexican Gray Wolf. 
That's my mother in law in this photo. 

This is an 18 month old black bear, who's mother was killed on the side of  I-17 by a vehicle. The black bear had a sister, which was sent off to another zoo. Apparently trainers can be in the enclosures with these bears training them, until the bears start to mature.  

This is a tiger, and I really could not believe how close we were able to get to her. Her name is Cassie, and one of the guides, explained her as one of the most docile and polite animals they had at the park. But nonetheless, its still a tiger, and I was standing about 8 feet away when I snapped this picture. J myster and Sophia were fearless and started growling at her, and she gave them a show right back.

 It was also extremely adorable seeing the two of them hold hands through out the park. Sophia would say "You are my very best friend" and they'd run off together. One time though it resulted in scrapped knees, and we had to get out the band aids and the boo boo kisses.

B getting a lengthy hug from Liz. 

This was a giant red shoe... the kids played in it for a few minutes, before we moved on to the petting zoo. 

At the petting zoo area, where picnic tables where we could eat our lunch that I so diligently packed. As usually with kids, you pack way more than you need. But I was prepared with PB&J's, veggies, dip, yogurt and juice boxes. 

One of the rare photos of me with an adorable Baby B! 

After lunch, we made it thru the rest of the park, and in fact found a park within the park for the kids to play at and swing. 

And then before leaving, J myster got up the bravery to stand next to this python. 

And he got to pet a little Shetland Pony

Baby B also had fun. Although most of the time, I don't think he realized what he was looking at. Occasionally he'd point, because we were pointing, but I don't really think he saw what we saw in some of the exhibits.

But at around 2pm, we had seen all that the zoo had to offer, so we packed up the kiddos, bribed them with peanut butter and jelly rolls and headed back up North.

On the way I got a hankering for some ice cream, so we hit Dairy Queen after I dropped my mother in law off and this is B, feeding himself ice cream! He was in 7th Heaven over this oreo blizzard! 

After I unpacked everything, I realized my shoulders burned and I now have one heck of a sunburn!!
This picture actually doesn't show enough how red my arms were. Two days later, they are still radiating heat, and sting to the touch. I've even been spraying white vinegar on my arms as someone on FB told me to do, but little to help the pain. 

Lesson Learned! Always stop for sunblock!

What was your week like? 

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