Thursday, June 06, 2013


Father's Day: Look No Further than Cafe Press!

So I have discovered the go to site for everything gift oriented, or actually anything that I might like as a gift come the holidays myself. is the site I've been able to get lost in for hours every time I visit.  I wanted to get my husband something for the man cave but after two hours of searching, I just couldn't narrow things down. Finally I came up with the perfect gift. Hunky Hubs is an LA Kings fan and I found these custom cases for the ipad and found an awesome LA Kings Champion ipad case for his!

Its so sleek and slim fitting and he won these LA Kings Home buttons  that will now go perfectly with this case!

Not only can you put practically any image you want on an iphone or ipad case, many of the cases are smart cover friendly. This case is smart cover friendly, so if you have the apple ipad cover that goes over the screen, this case works perfectly with that! 

I also just wanted to get something for myself, and well those that know my snark, know this t-shirt is so fitting for me:
Instead of "Keep Calm and Carry On", this saying  fits me completely!

I love this shirt! It came in a perfect size, preshrunk, so you don't have to worry about shrinking when you wash it and pink, like I tend to like things. Its probably because I'm surrounded by all these boys. ;) 

If I come across anymore gift codes, I'll update this post with them. Anyway Cafe Press is now being saved in my bookmarks right next to Amazon because its just amazing what you can find and personalize.  

This is on my Christmas wish list! Every year I ask for a new set of pajamas and the kids get new jammies too, so I designed this in Cafe Press and thought it would be perfect if it said "Mama Pajamas" 

Cute right? I totally want my own adult footed pajamas. I would live in them! 

Just to give you an idea of things you can customize: iphone cases, flip flops, flasks, aprons, t-shirts, bags, coffee mugs, tumblers, wallets, sports bottles, shower curtains, custom baby onsies, bibs, and other personalized gifts, you name it, you can find it and design it!

This gives you the ability to give the gift of complete uniqueness! Got an inside joke that would be hilarious on a t-shirt, no worries here. Design your own t-shirt and gift it! 

The possibilities are endless!

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