Thursday, June 13, 2013


Organic Kid Friendly Make-Up!

I don't have little girls, but how many times have you seen a little girl getting into her mama's make-up and dolling herself up? Those moments are classic in childhood right?  Both my boys have walked around in my high heeled shoes and warn daddy's big gloves and hats and imitation is just what kids love to do. I'm certain that I did it, heck even my little brother got into my mother's nail polish once and he was caught putting on nail polish in the closet. I think if I remember right, he also dumped the bottle of nail polish remover all over the carpet. Sometimes though, the things that you use the most, like your make-up, can't be kept away from little kids and the temptation is just too much for them to handle and you find your daughter or son secretly applying mascara in the closet and nearly poking their eyes out.

So why not give them that little bit of satisfaction and let them paint their faces up like a clown? Who is it hurting right? Well it could hurt them if the products they are using are toxic. You might not think about make-up being toxic, but it really can be, especially if instead of applying lipstick, your toddler takes a huge bite out of your lipstick tube, or starts guzzling your foundation like its chocolate milk. Eeew!!

Well a mom with some pretty little girls had a brilliant idea of making kid friendly make-up. Over at eco princess this make up is 100% organic and comes in the things little princesses want the most, nail polish and glitter! The nail polish is water based and the glitter is also made of different fruit and vegetable based extracts.

And I should also mention that the website doesn't just offer play make-up solutions for little kids, its a great sight for anything organic, vegan and postpartum. I was looking at the postpartum section remembering the golf ball sized mastitis I got from nursing baby B and thought this would have been amazing to have then! What an innovative idea!

They also have a pregnancy, kids, teens and men's skincare line, all organic/vegan.

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