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Pan The Fearless Beribolt Ipad App For Kids! 7/23

I don't give my child much TV or "media" time, in fact any time he has, is either earned time, or for an hour and a half while his little brother is sleeping in the afternoons.

But with that said, I have filled up my old ipod touch with kid friendly games and TV shows for J to play with and he even has his own kid headphones, so he doesn't bother anyone. This is nice especially if mommy and daddy want to watch a movie and would like him to have some quiet time.

Anyway, I'm all about educational apps, because frankly technology isn't going to go away, so we might as well embrace it and I hear that the elementary school he might be going to, has ipads for all the kids to use.

So one of the best ways to keep a kid engaged in a story line are interactive characters. This particular app isn't available for the ipod touch/iphone yet, but it is for the ipad. Yesterday J Myster got to partake on a new adventure with Pan The Fearless Beribolt!

What's so great about this app? Its more than just a digital story. It engages your child with lively interactive animation that responds to your child's touch. I loved the subtleties of making the fish jump in the pond in one of the scenes by just a touch of your finger. Every character can say something when you tap on them. Any kind of tap, swipe, tilt and shake will reveal hidden surprises that will keep your child interested and wanting more. And if you have an earlier reader, the narration is at the bottom of the screen and the word is highlighted when it is read. So not only will a child as young as 2 be able to enjoy this app, but a kid as old as 7 or 8 will too. Also at the end of the story there is a photo booth feature that lets your child take a picture of themselves in different scenes, with mustaches, or sunglasses and its really cute. You can then post the photos to facebook or send them in an email to friends and family.

And J of course had some fun of his own with the app. If I didn't use my ipad for work purposes, I would have let him play with it more today. but I'm waiting for a child case to come in the mail.

J myster getting into the story line: 

Pan and his friends! 

Even, Mr. B wanted to get in on the fun!

A little video of J getting into Pan the Panda:

And at the end, his fun photo booth picture:

Think you child will love this? I know they will! 

Take a look at the official app video:

Hullabalu is giving one of my readers this app free and the entries are really easy and fast!

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This app is available for ipad 2 and up only. Not available on iphone or ipad touch, to those with an itunes account, 18 years and older and a valid email address. Open world wide. Good Luck!

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