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Save Money on Furniture Shopping

Whether you’re moving into a bigger space or moving out on your own, one of the biggest expenses in settling into your new home is purchasing furniture. Furniture is not something you can avoid or put off buying, it’s absolutely necessary to have them in your home. Things can get pretty hectic when you’re looking for a good deal on sofas, armoires, tables or even mattresses. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to buy cheap and quality furniture and continue building your life at your new place.

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Like luxury vacations to Rome or a Caribbean cruise, furniture prices vary on season. The most expensive times to shop for furniture are at the start of spring all the way to mid-Summer. As Memorial Day arrives, consumers can start seeing prices drop, fluctuate, then drop again near Veterans' Day. Prices tend to plummet on Black Friday weekend.

There are two calendar points at which furniture is at its lowest, averaging up to 60% off full price. These two points, or days, are the days after the 4th of July and Christmas. If you absolutely need brand-new furniture, I suggest you go then.

The internet can be your friend when hunting for well-priced furniture. There are several sites available to tech-literate consumers that compare prices at several stores. Some sites that help consumers find great deals are Groupon and LivingSocial. Department stores also allow consumers to compare prices with other stores, though the prices that they offer may not be as low as the former sites.

Shopping for furniture online can also reap rewards, such as sales and liquidation prices. Many online stores offer web-exclusive prices on a variety of furniture, such as mattresses, living room sets and even entertainment centers!
Just because you have a new living space doesn't mean you have to buy brand-new furniture. When you start living on your own, it takes a while for your home to take on a theme that reflects your personality. What better way to furnish your home and save big bucks than by buying antique furniture.
Even furniture that was built 30 years ago could be better quality than what we see decorating the windows of high-end furniture stores. You may be able to find amazing deals on furniture pieces when you visit antique shops, garage or estate sales. Here, you can find quality, antique furniture for a reasonable price. They’re cheap, sturdy and will certainly give your new place some “soul”.

What do people usually do when they’re looking to buy a new car? That’s right, they haggle. Think of a furniture store as a car dealership--try haggling down the prices. Most furniture stores sell their merchandise 70% over wholesale value, which gives you plenty of negotiating space to lower the prices. Negotiating a lower price for a piece of furniture can be a bit intimidating, but with practice you can start negotiating your way into a newly furnished living space! If not, take a friend who knows how to haggle.
Buying furniture to furnish your new home can get pretty expensive. Without a proper game plan or an idea on how to purchase home furnishings, you may end up paying an arm and a leg! By following these tips, you’ll be able to strategically furnish your home cheaply and with style!

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