Thursday, July 18, 2013


The Brolly Butler Umbrella Holder

This is brought to you by and I was given a Brolly Butler to use in facilitating my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Its monsoon season and for the last four days it has been nothing but rain in the afternoons and even though I enjoy the rain, sometimes I really don't want to get wet when I'm out and about and loading kids and groceries in and out of the car. I've been soaked on many a shopping trip just due to how long it takes to buckle kids in their seats and load the car up.

Well someone really thought of all the moms out there when they invented this little device. Its called the Brolly Butler. What's the point in walking out to your car with an umbrella to keep yourself dry only to get wet in the process of buckling your kids in the car? Pointless right? And what if you just did your hair all pretty for work, have to drop the kids off at day care and its pouring buckets along the way? Well having this handy little suction cup umbrella holder that sticks to your car window, will help save you from a bad hair day.

These four suction cups easily slap onto the window of your car, and within seconds, you have an umbrella holder.

There have been so many things I took for granted before I had kids, and the time it takes to get in and out of the car is always a pain in the behind when you have little ones in tow and even more so when the weather is bad, and now this little device can make it less of a headache.

This is the shaft of the umbrella that fits right into the holder part that is suctioned to my car window. 

And this is J myster loving the umbrella holder and he even said "That's a good idea mommy!" 

So now we will no longer get wet on shopping trips the rest of this monsoon season, and we'll be covered any other season, even when it snows! As long as I remember the umbrella that is! ;)

And I can see this being used for tailgating parties too! If you attend many a college football game, this might be the envy of the party right here. 

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