Thursday, August 22, 2013


The MOHTH Ongoing Giveaway Linky

Hi Bloggy Friends,

Here you can find and list your own giveaways on the On Going MOHTH Giveaway linky list. I will clean up the list each week of old giveaways, so please be sure to put an end date on your giveaways so they are not purged early. Every Thursday a few of the giveaways will be facebooked and tweeted to help spread the word.

Respectful Suggestions: 
You do not have to enter any giveaways on this list, but to help people on this list, tweet the person's giveaway right above yours on the linky. Or use the tweet this button below, don't want to tweet it, add a button to your side bar or giveaway post page.


Submit your giveaways like this: "Title/ End Date"   example:  Skin Peel Giveaway 8/13
If you don't put an end date on it, I will prune the list and your link could be deleted before your giveaway is over.

That's it!!

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