Tuesday, September 03, 2013


When Routine Goes Out The Window

There are times when one must give up the daily routine to accomplish something greater...at least for a short while.

Last week and the week before I had to give up the routine. I didn't realize this, but this Leo, is so into her routine its ridiculous. I get all flustered and discombobulated without it. I feel things getting out of order and see that I'm letting certain things slide, and it festers and bothers me until I get that routine back.

I never pegged myself for this kind of person. I always thought I was the spontaneous type. But I guess I'm wrong.

Maybe having kids has changed that about me. After all when we follow our routine, the kids are happy and we usually have happier days.

So when you decide to paint your kids' room and its a two (almost three) week process because you can only paint in short 2 hour shifts or less, then you get sick right in the middle of  the project, you can really turn something that was supposed to be fun into a chore!

About how much time two kids can watch a couple of TV shows without beating each other over the head with toys, is about how long I have the ability to paint. Two hours might get you a wall and a half done (with two coats). Add metallic stripes, wall decals, glow in the dark stars and even Hunky Hubs helping paint and I'm still not done! I now have to paint the trim and inside of the window and hopefully I will get it done Saturday. I can't wait to say that I'm done with projects once again for possibly the rest of the year.

Last weekend Hunky Hubs managed to get the crown molding up in the bathroom when we were all sick with the plague. I painted the touch up on the trim, but I discovered he put three dings in the wall I have to now paint over before I can show pics of our newly painted bathroom and the kid's newly painted bedroom.

I so can't wait to be done!!

But today, thankfully taking two hours to touch up stripes on one wall with a fine little brush did not put me too far out of my routine like I thought it would. When that happens dishes pile up, chores go undone and the house becomes a wreck, and I really can't stand it.

Thankfully though, the kids were well behaved and happy today and I just have one more wall to touch up, before I can start on the trim. Not sure how many days that will take....eek!

The last three rooms we have to paint is the downstairs bathroom, the kid's play room and the laundry room, but I'm thinking a good time to start on those might be February.

The next big projects on the list are building an in wall entertainment center for our second living room, adding more wainscoting to the stairs, and ripping out the metal stair railings and replacing with wood. Then I think we are done with the inside house projects and can focus on doing things outside again...like extending our patio next summer.

Sometimes it feels like the projects are never ending, but I think we actually do have an end in sight, and we can sit back and enjoy our home and all the work we've put into it and the equity we've gained over the last year. I'm pleased with how everything seems to be turning out.

What have you been working on lately?

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