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"Beautiful", The key to Naturally Beautiful Skin

So about a month ago I was asked to try out the Beautiful A. M. Moisturizer and P. M. Revitalizer for Women. This stuff is unlike anything out there in stores right now and you can only buy it online. I was very very hesitant to try it and I'm still not sure about it for winter time use. But for other seasons, it seems perfect.

The Beautiful A.M and P.M. Moisturizers have almond, orange, lemon, avocado, olive oil, evening primrose and apricot oil in it. Notice I didn't mention anything you couldn't pronounce? You won't find any parabens or sulfates in this product and while it seems a little contrary to use oil, to combat oil control on your face, I've actually used it successfully on my face the last few weeks without any break outs.

Now I'm not going to lie to you, my face took about two weeks to get used to this moisturizer. I broke out on my chin and on the bridge of my nose and I was about ready to stop when I talked to the people at TrustedHealth who distribute "Beautiful". They told me I just hadn't completed the detox period yet and to discontinue using Beautiful for a little while, then start it back up again. When I started it back up again, the breakouts cleared up over my cheeks, but I still had these little bumps on my chin I was dealing with. I could very well be allergic to avocado. I'm not sure though, I tend to feel a little funny if I eat too much of it, but I love avocado, and still love that Beautiful is made out of things I eat every day!

Anyway, I started using it again, and so far after a week and a half of using Beautiful both in the morning and at night, I haven't had any new breakouts. What I like about "Beautiful" is when I put it on, it doesn't feel like I've put anything on my skin. My skin neither feels oily, or over moisturized. Sometimes regular moisturizers can leave your face feeling heavy and like you have a film over it. Remember those days in childhood where you didn't have to worry about moisturizer for your face? Why did those days disappear? I still blame my acne that started when I was a teenager to the use of foundation make-up. For reasons unknown I had to be like my other teenage friends and wear make-up. Make-up I didn't need because I had perfect skin. I had the classic peaches and cream complexion and it was beautiful. Then I started wearing make-up because my friends did and there is no reasoning with a teenager who just wants to be like everyone else. My skin didn't start breaking out until I used make-up. Then from there it was all down hill.

But anyway this moisturizer makes me feel like I have skin like a kid's again. Its fresh and light and I don't need to use anything else, my skin doesn't feel oily or like I have a film over it. Its just my bear naked skin and it feels great. Here's the reason why other cleansers and moisturizers may not be helpful, "By stripping your face of natural oils, you are actually removing your skin’s natural defense and moisturizer, which means the dirt, grime and sun from daily living can wreak havoc on your skin. This puts your skin into overdrive and it then over-produces this sebum oil, thus causing you to think you need stronger and stronger face washes and more products to remove this excess oil. Unfortunately, this becomes a never ending viscous cycle for most women, whose skin becomes ravaged by the onslaught of these harsh chemicals". I feel this couldn't be more truthful.

How to Use Beautiful:

Now the instructions say to use 2 to 3 drops on your cheeks and blend with your fingertips. I feel like that's not enough and my forehead needs something. Right now I'm battling some dry spots on my forehead. Could be that my skin still needs to adjust, so it produces its own oils to combat this dryness. But I've always suffered from dry skin on my face and hands in 40 degree temps on windy days and we have a lot of those days in Flagstaff AZ.

The Beautiful A.M. and P.M duo moisturizers are meant to be used as your only skin care products. You aren't supposed to wash your face anymore. Just use water because face wash is too harsh on skin. Once you detoxify, "Beautiful" is the only thing you need on your skin.

I think its great and I enjoy taking the more natural approach to anything healthy or beauty related. My only dislike is the price point. For me I couldn't justify spending $45 on myself a month for Beautiful. My family would not be very happy with me if I did. Some might be able to afford it, but I can't unless it drops down to about half this price. But if you normally spend this much on beauty products for your skin in a month's time, spending $45 on Beautiful might actually save you money because you won't need any of that other stuff. You can nix the expensive face washes and moisturizers and even make-up, and its possible for your skin to start looking so good, you won't even need make-up. I prefer not wearing make-up and I think I actually look older with make-up on. So a little bit of mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss is the way I like to go.

My full and honest opinion: I think this product could be the answer to a lot of people's skin problems, you'd just have to take the detoxing steps for it to work and commit to it to see the results you want, and of course my only concern is price point. If you've taken every step under the sun to help combat skin problems these two moisturizers is most likely the solution, and I recommend it!

If you are curious if "Beautiful" would work for you, the good people at Trusted Health Products are giving away three Beautiful A.M. moisturizing bottles to three readers!

Update 12/11/13
After Using the Beautiful AM and PM moisturizers for more than a month now, the bottles are still mostly full. So I have to alter what I said about how expensive using Beautiful could be. It actually would be CHEAPER AND BETTER FOR YOUR SKIN because these bottles last forever!!

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 I was given a free product to facilitate writing this review. All opinions are honest and 100% mine.

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