Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Next Project: Building The Entertainment Center!

2014 is here folks and I am so excited to take The Christmas tree down and get started on the projects I have lined up this year!

So the next big project the hubby and I are working on is a built in entertainment center for our upstairs family room. What I would ideally love to do is put in a gas wall mounted fireplace built into the entertainment center we are designing. Our entertainment center will fit between two windows in our family room.

Currently our TV in the room is being held up by a shelf my husband screwed into the wall last winter.

We've put a little closet made cubicle thing below it for the kids toys, but really its pretty unattractive and I've been dying to get this addition designed and I really want to start working on it! We get to start on it in a few weeks! I am so excited! Anyway, what I'd love to do, is build the entertainment center around a wall mounted gas fireplace like the ones I'm seeing from Northshore Fireplace. I think we'll keep the TV at the same height above the fireplace, putting in shelves on each side in the entertainment center for my kids fabric toy bins, movies and and of course pictures.

I'm also considering a gas fireplace that actually looks like its burning real logs. I'm not quite sure yet if I want to take the modern approach, or do a classic log burning fireplace, but right now we are just working on making sure we have the right measurements to start this project in a few weeks! I really really can't wait. This is as exciting to me as when we painted our house back in June! Yay!

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