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Spark Of Amber Necklaces

I have scoliosis and when I was a child I had two surgeries to keep the curve of my spine from getting worse. My first surgery was when I was 4. My spine was fused at my neck, but the curve moved farther down my back resulting in surgery again when I was 14. I had to have steal rods put in my back to straighten my spine. It was a pretty scary experience for me and the months after that in recovery was a very trying time. I was told that I most likely would have an early onset of arthritis since I have scoliosis.

The last few months, I've wondered if I'm not experiencing the arthritis I had been warned about. Being a blogger and freelance writer, I write a lot! I'm constantly typing and my hands will cramp up and it just seems to get worse. Not only that, I'm experiencing a tingling down my neck and into my fingertips and if I lay on my right side at night, my arm will fall asleep and its very painful, almost like sciatica. I can't seem to escape the pain at night unless I take a pain reliever. I think I may need a thicker firmer pillow or possibly get on some arthritis medication, although I haven't been diagnosed yet.

Anyway I was approached to review a necklace from and I was surprised to hear about the pain relief baltic amber necklaces are supposed to provide. I knew people used these necklaces to help their babies and tots with teething, but didn't know it might possibly help with arthritic pain. So I thought I'd give it a try. I only wore the necklace this weekend when I was down in Phoenix for a few hours, so I don't think it was enough time to really notice anything, but I decided to sleep with the necklace on over night knowing that I'd have a heavy day of writing the next day. I've worn the necklace all day and I can say I just have a slight soreness in my neck, but then again I woke up with neck pain. My hands however, feel fine. Its the first time, they've felt that way.

I have thought this stuff was a bunch of hoopla in the past, but now I'm thinking people might be on to something! Baltic amber is also an anti-anxiety remedy that rids fatigue and weariness. My husband suffers from anxiety, fatigue and weariness and I swear if I could get him to wear one, that would be awesome! Maybe they make a men's cross or something I can get him that he can wear under his clothing.

Anyway, Baltic Amber contains 3-8% of Succinic Acid and the highest content of the healing Succinic Acid is said to be found in the EXTERNAL layer of the Baltic Amber.

Here's the beautiful Baltic Amber necklace I have been wearing:

I love the way it looks, but keep in mind for its pain relief effects, you should wear it against your skin, or with a lower cropped top. 


Not only am I excited to see how the pain in my hands gets better over the next coming weeks wearing the baltic amber necklace, I'm also excited that is letting me give away a necklace to one fabulous reader. Please read the giveaway details below first before entering!

Giveaway Details: This giveaway is open to the U.S. Only to those 18 years and older with a valid email address. Winners will be contacted via email within 48 hours of the giveaway ending. A new winner will be chosen if that winner doesn't respond within 48 hours after that. Good Luck!

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