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My Art Gallery Review and #Giveaway

My son JJ has always been one that loves doing crafts and art projects. I started doing daily things with him when he was about three years old. This was my way of making sure that since he didn't have preschool, he'd be up to par with the other kindergarteners as soon as he started school.  Since my son has started KinderCamp, ever day he comes home with all sorts of work he loves to show me! He gets so excited showing me all the things he's working on in school and he's so proud of his work that I often find him passed out after snack time clutching one of the things he worked on that day.

Hard day at School! 

Just like other kids, my kid loves displaying his projects, A+ papers and cute drawings on the fridge. My fridge doors get cluttered very quickly with all the things he loves to put up there. Just give one of the doors a good slam shut and all the pages along with their magnets go falling to the floor, then they are kicked around the kitchen floor and stumbled over...

Until now!!

I got my hands on "My Art Gallery"! Now my fridge is not only clutter free, but displays my JJ's artwork in such an awesome "clutter-free" way!

What I love about "My Art Gallery" is that I can still use it on my fridge because it has one super duper strong magnet! This thing will not fall off your fridge like my magnets always do. This is strong!  Each frame holds up to thirty-five pages and it comes with three frames. The way you display "My Art Gallery" is up to you. You can hang it on a wall and the instructions come with a built in guide for properly spacing your drill holes. You can hang it on your fridge like I did, or you can take the sign off the three frames and hang them all on a wall separately like shown here:

You can add on a third if you like, or use it as a stand alone picture frame like this:

I have this frame right on the counter right next to my fridge.

You can use it in portrait or landscape just by sliding in these plastic legs.

Or you can add a third section to "My Art Gallery" like so: 

Add the third frame by simply slipping the strap through the plastic hook on the frame. 

I also love that I can put a picture of JJ right at the top.

You can also check out how others use "My Art Gallery" here:

My Art Gallery® children's art display and storage system from Three-eyed Fly on Vimeo.

This has been the best thing I've reviewed all year simply because I hate clutter but love love love my kids art and this combines the best of both worlds for me. Being able to neatly display his hard work is what I love about this. Its a genius design, not hard at all to assemble and I love that you can display it in so many different ways!  "My Art Gallery" is on sale right now for $39.99. But they are letting one of my readers win one for a special kid!

Here's the details:This giveaway is open to those 18 years and older in the United States only with a valid email address. The winner will be contacted via the email used in the rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also for my readers check out these free printables!

 This review /giveaway was brought to you by and My Art Gallery For Kids.

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